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  1. Oops, I joined 2 years ago and never posted in this thread! Maybe I'll have to change display names and start again! EDIT: Done. Hello everyone!! EDIT 2: Oops, changed my name twice. Now I'm stuck with this silly name for a month
  2. Alex95

    Make us laugh

    Found this YouTube video a while back, for those who have seen masterchef before I think it is quite funny.
  3. It was a huge disappointment here. We had 12cm from snow showers by midday on the 2nd, but the frontal snow that evening turned out to be rain and sleet so we had nothing left by the morning of the 3rd. I was braced for a 20cm covering, but it never materialized. Between the 5th and the 11th we never had more than 1cm. The 12th was brilliant though - we were forecast for a few sleety afternoon flurries before drizzle spread in from the west overnight, but an area of snow quickly developed during the morning and it snowed heavily for about 6 hours. The final depth was 8cm.
  4. March 1979 was exceptionally bad in NE England - a blizzard lasting from the 16th until the 18th gave 50cm in Newcastle with enormous drifts. I'm sure that must rank fairly highly for March snow events. Last November we did see very large snow accumulations, but the roads coped surprisingly well - probably no worse than when we see a 4 inch fall.
  5. I have friends in Manchester too! They rang me today to say there was about 12"!
  6. November/December 2010, without a doubt. After that it would be January 2010, late December 2005 and March 2006 (I was in Cumbria where 10 inches fell).
  7. 45cm at the end of last December, in 2009/10 I had 28cm, whilst in 2008/09 I had just 14cm as the far NE only got 1 day of snow showers. Last December I attempted to visit relatives at Longhorsely where there was around 70-80cm, but only made it past Morpeth and had to turn back as the road was completely blocked, 3 days after the last major snowfall.
  8. Sunshine back today after a day of heavy rain and a little lightning yesterday.
  9. Saw yet another incredible thunderstorm yesterday with a funnel cloud, and the local news says there was damage in Central Florida with fallen trees.
  10. Spectacular lightning display yet again tonight - lightning every few seconds for the last 3 hours. The local news is mentioning supercells. The storm should be overhead shortly. What amazes me here is how far away the lightning can be seen - last night was spectacular, but the storms were 60 miles away!
  11. Stunning thunderstorms here in Florida over the past 4 days - right now its 9:45pm, 30C and there are three thunderstorms on the western horizon giving a spectacular display of constant lightning. Makes the storms in NE England this summer look pretty wimpy!
  12. Wow that's a lot of lighting! I hope the impacts of this heatwave aren't too severe, it looks particularly bad around New York, Washington and Chicago (etc) with temperatures exceeding 40°C, whilst like you say Southern Canada could also see temps in the mid-high thirties.
  13. Sounds like quite a nice event! It wasn't anything out the ordinary up here, there was about 4 inches of snow from the usual North Sea snow showers. That fell over 2-3 days if I remember correctly, which is quite disappointing as those set ups can bring 4 inches or more per day, such as last November. In 2003 we were too close to the high pressure for the snow showers to become frequent, but also you don't tend to get snow streamers here in the same way as the Thames estuary gets them. I remember being annoyed that the news was going on and on about the snow despite the fact that most places near the East Coast only saw 3-6 inches and places inland and in the west saw very little!
  14. That really is an incredible heatwave setting in across America! 90°F in 40 states! Looks like the usual afternoon thunderstorms will resume across Florida from Thursday onwards after that pesky tropical storm moves far enough away, should be in the low-mid 30s (low 90s Fahrenheit) with scattered storms when I go on Thursday.
  15. What a fantastic week I had in the Lake District back then! I remember it hit 30°C in Keswick on 3 days during the week, which is amazing, and it was in the high 20s the rest of the time. Back at home an onshore breeze brought in low cloud at times, though the temperature did reach the low-mid twenties when it burnt back to the coast.
  16. Remember it well, I'd been out in Northumberland in the heat, and hit the thunderstorms on the way home - they rumbled on all evening, and the ground was white at times with the hail as though it had been snowing. Probably the best thunderstorm I've ever seen in the UK. I know North Yorkshire and parts of County Durham were worst affected.
  17. In the long, snowy winter of 1963. January 2008 was a good example of a >1055mb high in Europe
  18. [u]Mid - late July[/u] [u] [/u] The middle part of the month should be unsettled with showers and longer spells of rain, but temperatures will remain around average. However, towards the final third of the month high pressure should dominate once again, with warm or hot sunshine depending on where the high pressure is situated exactly. [u]August[/u] [u] [/u] The warm weather will quickly break down early on in the month as the Atlantic wakes up. Low pressure will dominate for most of the month, only broken by occasional ridges of high pressure. Overall August will be a disappointing end to the summer after a great June and decent July.
  19. [u] [u][size=4]Summer 2010 - mixed bag, nice July?[/size][/u] [u] [/u]June[/u] [u] [/u] June has started off warm and sunny, but from the 6th onwards it will become increasingly unsettled, and from the 8th onwards it will become much cooler as well. Towards mid-month, it looks as though it will become somewhat drier, but it will remain cool and still rather disappointing. During the final third of the month warmer conditions will return, though they might be accompanied by some unsettled weather, so quite a mixed bag is expected with no prolonged dry spells. [u]July[/u] [u] [/u] July looks like being the best month of the summer, with a few warm / hot spells. They will be interspersed with some unsettled spells too, but there shouldn't be any prolonged cool, unsettled weather, and overall it will be a warm month. It's far too early to pin down the details, but overall winds should be coming from a southerly direction for most of the time, whilst every now and again they will come from the west when low pressure arrives. [u]August[/u] [u] [/u] During August I expect the Atlantic to be far more Active than during June and July. The first half of the month might still contain a few warmer days, but for the rest of the month I suspect things will be on the Autumnal side, with very little in the way of late summer warmth at all. Make the most of any fine weather in July as August could be a disappointment. This forecast will be revised in early July.
  20. [left][left][left][left][center][left][center][font="Georgia"][size="3"][u] [/u][/size][/font][/center][left][center][font="Georgia"][u][size=3]Monday[/size][/u][/font][/left][/center][/left][/center][/left][/left][/left][/left][center][left][color="#1C2837"][left][left][center][left][font="Georgia"][color="#000000"][size=3]Monday looks like being rather dreary overall. There will be bits and pieces of rain around, which may well be sleety at times. This will make it feel particularly cold. Towards midnight some more substantial precipitation will move in from the Northwest, falling as rain or sleet at low levels with sleet or wet snow on high ground.[/size][/color][/font][/left][/center][/left][/left][/color][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size=3] [/size][/font][/left][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"][size="3"][left][center][left][font="Georgia"][u]Tuesday[/u][/font][/left][/center][/left][center][left][font="Georgia"]The band of rain will have cleared overnight, but it will still be dull and cold. There is the possibility of some sleet or wet snow from little troughs moving around as pressure will be low, but these features are impossible to forecast at this range.[/font][/left][left][font="Georgia"] [/font][/left][/center][/size][/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"][u]Wednesday[/u][/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"]Wednesday may be slightly drier than Tuesday, but there could still be some wintry flurries around. Overall though it will be cold, dull and damp, though the dampness will be in the form of scattered wintry flurries. It is worth noting that there is a small risk of heavier snow moving down from Eastern Scotland, but this is an outside chance at the moment.[/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"] [/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"][u]Thursday[/u][/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"]At this stage, Thursday looks like being the driest day of the week. Overall it will be cloudy and cold, but there could be one or two brighter spells. There could also be a wintry flurry or two again. The greatest risk of a flurry will be in the morning. Towards midnight some heavier precipitation could gather towards the south of the region.[/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"] [/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"][u]Friday[/u][/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"]Confidence is pretty low for Friday, but it currently looks like many parts of the region could be at risk from substantial snowfall. The high ground in particular could see some very heavy snowfall, but near the coast it could be sleety. Towards the evening everywhere could be at risk of snowfall.[/size][/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"] [/font][/left][/center][center][left][font="Georgia"][size="3"]Confidence is quite low for this forecast as the upcoming situation is very unpredictable, but it could well be an interesting week to say the least.[/size][/font][/left][/center]
  21. Alex95

    February Forecast

    [b][u]PLEASE NOTE: NORTH WEATHER LONG RANGE FORECASTS ARE CURRENTLY EXPERIMENTAL[/u][/b] The first week of February will be cold across the North of England for the most part. There will be some prolonged spells of rain or snow at times, though any lying snow won't lie for long. Towards the end of the week it will probably become milder, but just how mild is uncertain. The second week of February is likely to be cool and wet for the most part, until easterly winds start to try to nudge in during the second half of the week. Whether they succeed or not is uncertain, so it could be either cool and wet or cold and snowy. The third week is likely to see northerly winds, but rather than a northerly blast as seen at the end of January, some fairly cold and nondescript weather is likely. Confidence is very low. The final week of the month is likely to remain on the cool side, with further boring conditions. High pressure will be close by, but there is always a good chance of dull, cold weather in winter, though of course it will be nearly Spring by this stage.
  22. Here there were three mornings with full snow cover - one was a dusting, one was 4cm and another was 6cm. The 6cm fell within 30 minutes between 08:00 and 08:30 one morning, but had melted by 11:00 because the snow turned to rain and it was quite slushy anyway. The other two melted more gradually, taking the length of time you would expect for a dusting and 4cm on a sunny but cold day - 10:00 and 14:00 respectively.
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