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  1. Best day of the year here - 14°C in my sheltered back garden with prolonged spells of sunshine :D

  2. Much easier to get up when the sun in shining, especially since I expected it to be cloudy :)

  3. Alex95

    Make us laugh

    Lol it took me a while to see what it was!
  4. Rain has finally arrived - the sky has got that same eerie yellow glow as when a thunderstorm arrives on a warm summer evening, except its 7°C and obviously not a thunderstorm!

  5. I'm having problems changing my profile picture - I've tried various photos over the last couple of days (that's why my picture keeps changing in case anyone's wondering) but only a small selection of those I try to upload seem to work. I've tried saving them as bmps, gifs, jpegs, pngs, and a multitude of file sizes (often very small), but to no avail. Every now and again my picture decides to change itself to a previous picture I've used as well. Any help would be gladly received! EDIT: Using Gravatar seems to work so I guess I can just do that. EDIT2: Actually, it has worked on my profile page but nowhere else EDIT3: It has changed now after a 15 minute delay. Sorry for all the smilies
  6. Morning all! Back to school today after a week off :(

  7. Hmm, 2 online members - is the forum down?

    1. Paul


      There was a problem a little while ago but all sorted now.

    2. Alex95


      Good to hear :)

  8. 2008 was very white for many, winter 07/08 was largely snowless, and the summer was quite poor apart from a late July heatwave.
  9. Oh no, 1 guinea pig, 2 bearded dragons and one hungry granny all out of their enclosures!

    1. Alex95


      ^That last one was a joke before someone reports me xD

    2. A Winter's Tale

      A Winter's Tale

      lol - bearded dragons - caught ya!

  10. Just some pictures I found... A sunrise from below the plane: Thunderstorm over Kennedy Space Center: Thundery shower over the North Sea from a ferry: Mont Blanc in mid August 2010: And finally, convection from the top of a mountain: Not great quality, but I have good memories of them
  11. Showers starting to come into N England, lest hope they're wintry!

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Nothing but sunshine in Darlington since early this morning :D

    2. Eugene


      A shame that sunshine will be gone for darlington by thursday ;)

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      say's who? If we do get sunshine on Thursday I'll let you know

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  12. Brrr, pretty chilly this morning! Hardly any overnight rain though, and it's sunny now. :)

  13. Just been for a jog in my T-shirt - first time this year!



      nothing else?? hmmmmm.

    2. Alex95


      You know what I mean! :D

  14. Guinea pig poo fest going on here... :(

    1. Alex95


      *sorry for sharing! ;)

    2. Aaron


      Lol, lovely

  15. I was in France between the 29th July and 12 August, and the temperatures were approaching 40C. The only other time I've experienced heat like it in Europe was in Belgium in August 2009 when the temperature peaked at 38C. I've been to Florida where the heat index sometimes exceeds 50C, but to me that is more comfortable as you are never outside for very long there, unless you're in a water park of course! Oh, and at least there you have a daily thunderstorm to cool you down. It seems like August 2003 wasn't that special away from the SE, although the whole Summer was decent compared with the last 5!
  16. It's BEAUTIFUL out there this morning :)

    1. karyo


      Nothing beautiful about mild weather! lol

    2. Aaron


      Mild is only good for Spring

    3. Alex95


      Nah, mild and sunny is quite nice. Unless there's 8 inches of snow I'd like mild sunshine. :p

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  17. Just saw the woman in black - I don't think I'll be going to sleep tonight!

  18. As I posted in this thread last year (!) I spent much of the July heatwave in Cumbria, and I still haven't experienced a week like it in the UK. However, I was in Belgium during August and I must've only seen the sun once in the 2 weeks I was there. The only saving grace was a big thunderstorm on my last day, but I still remember being really disappointed as the temperature barely got above 15C. June 2006 was also very warm at times in Cumbria, but I remember a lot of North Sea low cloud in Newcastle.
  19. Monday morning... but wait, it's half term!! :D

    1. Bottesford


      I prefer bank holidays then everyone (well more of us) can join in!

    2. Aaron


      I prefer it when everyone is at work and school, except for me, so the shops aren't busy ;)

    3. Alex95


      I prefer snow days, but hey ho.

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  20. The forum doesn't seem to be working properly on my 3G connection - is anyone else having trouble or is it just me?

  21. Off to the Chester-le-Street riviera for a couple of days this evening!

  22. After 2 years I've finally introduced myself formally in the lounge :)

  23. Could seriously do with a heatwave and a thunderstorm right now - withdrawal symptoms!

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