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  1. Very scary landing here in Florida this afternoon during a strong thunderstorm!

  2. Not a bad evening with some sunshine here, although it has clouded over again now and the temperature didn't get above 19°C. Tomorrow looks fiercly hot further south with thunderstorms starting to break out, very tropical!
  3. The latest GFS is an absolute stonker for our region if you want storms, enjoy this week you lot!
  4. Much cooler here today as well. I reckon the NE could catch a storm around the middle of this week but I'm going to Florida on Monday so I'll miss out, although I'd be surprised if I don't see any there!
  5. Lovely temperatures up here today, it has been far too hot down in Oxford this weekend so I'm glad to have some more comfortable weather, though its still pleasantly warm!
  6. Didn't go above 17C yesterday, and today looks like going the same way at this rate. Looking forward to a hot weekend though, I'll be down south so the heat should last through the weekend.
  7. Reached 30°C in my back garden this afternoon. I see the official temperatures for the North East were 27-29°C today! Its still 21°C now, perfect for sitting out.
  8. 28 here now, still going up. I suspect the official temperatures will be over 25 now
  9. The temperature here has levelled off at 26C with a lovely summer breeze. Edit - sun back out, up to 27 now!
  10. 24-28°C widely in the North East already this morning, this afternoon should be a scorcher!

  11. Finally finished all my A Levels and entrance tests - hopefully the weather will turn nice again so I can enjoy it properly!

  12. The rain is coming down in torrents now although I think I can see the edge of the shower, and the thunder has stopped.
  13. The thunder seems to be less frequent now. The worst of the rain seems to have been further west this time so I only got a heavy shower rather than a downpour.
  14. Only heard one rumble of thunder so far but there's been plenty of downpours with hail. It looks even worse south of here in North Yorkshire at the moment.
  15. Great weekend for snow, but I definitely want some Spring weather soon.

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    2. Alex95


      Normally I'm a cold weather person until May, but the snow started in October this year - 5 months ago!

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Why not have a very cold March and a very warm May, should make both camps happy

    4. Aaron


      There's plenty of time for warm weather but limited scope for any more cold weather - our climate is naturally mild, relatively speaking.

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  16. Saw some kids having fun sledging today near Haltwhistle... with the A69 about 50m away from the bottom of the slope! :S

  17. Left a very snowy Tyneside to find snow in Keswick - I must have pleased the weather gods lately!

  18. Incredibly heavy snow in Newcastle this afternoon!

    1. I Cumbria Marra I
    2. frogesque


      Best place for it! lol. Quite happy if it doesn't come further north

    3. Alex95


      Barely a sprinkling out to the west of the city - I'm sitting in traffic on my way to the dry, barren Lake District.

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  19. Darren Bett getting in a bit of a muddle - I'd love to sea these snow showers moving into East Anglia from the Irish Sea!

    1. Alex95


      *See, not sea.

  20. Darren Bett getting in a bit of a muddle - I'd love to sea these snow showers moving into ea

  21. The snow is pretty compacted here on the footpaths - time for a top up!

  22. Beautiful scenes outside this afternoon now that the snow has stopped and the sun is glistening off the pristine cover :)

  23. During the evening of November 28th 2010, milder uppers moved in from the North Sea, tied in with a weather system, and the lying snow began to turn quite wet. By late evening there was even a bit of sleet and I had resigned to the fact that the snow was likely to turn slushy, although there was over 20cm of powder snow by this point anyway from snowfalls on previous days. By midnight however some extremely heavy snow moved in from the North Sea, accompanied by thunder and lightning. This continued for the whole of the 29th, giving an additional 15cm of lying snow, with lots more thunder as well. By the end of the day there was about 40cm in Newcastle, and reports of twice that in Northumberland. That was the pinnacle of the cold spell here, despite starting off quite sleety, and I even thought we were about to see the end of the snowy weather. In fact, that whole cold spell was a shock as I though we would just see something along the lines of February 2005 with some heavy snow, but also thawing in between, whereas we ended up with what was probably the deepest snow since 1979. I suppose it wasn't a total shock as the cold spell had been forecast well in advance, but the severity certainly took me by surprise. December 28th(ish) 2005 was very good as well - the easterly hadn't delivered very much snow, but a lone snow shower dumped 10-15cm on Tyneside during the evening as the easterly fizzled out, and the following day was severely cold with clear blue skies. February 12th 2009 was a great day - drizzle had been forecast with a quick end to the cold spell, but by 10:00 it was snowing lightly, and by lunchtime it was coming down thick and fast with a few inches lying. Unfortunately some drizzle that evening initiated a gradual thaw, but a few days later I went up to Rothbury in Northumberland and there was about 8 inches lying there, which was the deepest snow I could remember at the time. A good end to an otherwise disappointing cold spell (Not counting 2nd Feb) And finally, December 5th this year was a pretty nice surprise. I woke up to frozen scenes with a thick frost, but the snow showers were moving NNW-SSE just offshore in the North Sea, so I fully expected the frustration of seeing anvils out to my east all day whilst I remained dry. However, by mid morning a trough allowed the showers to spread inland, and this change occurred so quickly it couldn't be seen on any of the free radars before the snow started. It snowed for the best part of 6 hours as the showers merged to form some prolonged spells of snow, and the NE ended up with 5-10cm generally. I think the 12th Feb 2009 has to be my favourite, simply because it was completely unforecast.
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