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  1. It's been a long time since I posted in here, I've been so busy! Drawn back by the prospect of snow... The North East should have a good chance of snow as it's much easier to get convective snow from the North Sea than to rely on frontal snow, as the rest of the country will have to do. Unfortunately I'm heading south tomorrow to go back to university after Christmas - bad timing or what!
  2. Bit late, but we drove through a fairly big thunderstorm yesterday on the A69 near Hexham with large hail, torrential rain, and fairly frequent lightning. It seemed to die on the radar before it reached Newcastle though!
  3. Terrific lightning display from Port de Pollença in Majorca, I think the storm is actually over in Menorca!

    1. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      I remember being in Port De Pollenca in August 2005 and the storms were incredible, as was the intensity of the rain, still the best thunderstorm/rainI've exprienced up until this point.

    2. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      Port de Pollenca is a stunning place. The Pine walk is beautiful and would love to live there. Quite a few celebrities often found in the area!

  4. Frequent lightning display over towards the coast to my north east (I'm in Newcastle), and I can see another smaller storm coming up to the south of it.
  5. Some thunderstorms have popped up in Northumberland and the west of County Durham this evening.
  6. A much sunnier afternoon today, but it was still chilly (about average for start of April)
  7. Grim and cold here in the east, was the same up at Ponteland earlier.
  8. Still getting the occasional rumble of thunder so there must still be some lightning about.
  9. Still getting the occasional flash in Newcastle as the storm moves away inland. That was quite a potent storm including a couple of close cg strikes which has set a few car alarms off!
  10. Some of that rain is falling as sleet / frozen bits in Newcastle this evening.
  11. The rain has turned to snow in Warwickshire, didn't expect that today!

  12. Had that heavy snow shower here too, started as sleet though. Sun back out now but it's only 2C. Very festive!
  13. I for one hope that the storm misses us, there's nothing more unpleasant than severe gales in my opinion. Also I've been in the Midlands for a month so far and it never seems to stop raining!
  14. Had quite an intense downpour in the outskirts of Coventry today.
  15. Fantastic lightning display in Central Florida this evening :)

  16. Grey skies and light rain in Florida today - its like North Shields in January, except its 30 degrees.

  17. Very scary landing here in Florida this afternoon during a strong thunderstorm!

  18. Not a bad evening with some sunshine here, although it has clouded over again now and the temperature didn't get above 19°C. Tomorrow looks fiercly hot further south with thunderstorms starting to break out, very tropical!
  19. The latest GFS is an absolute stonker for our region if you want storms, enjoy this week you lot!
  20. Much cooler here today as well. I reckon the NE could catch a storm around the middle of this week but I'm going to Florida on Monday so I'll miss out, although I'd be surprised if I don't see any there!
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