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  1. Got a reasonable dusting at Warwick University on the edge of Coventry last night. Hardly anything was settling in Leamington when I left around 2am, so I was quite surprised to see this.
  2. Grasmere often seems to have more lying snow than Keswick - I assume it must be slightly higher above sea level than surrounding areas
  3. It did in Grasmere, but Keswick was completely clear yesterday in the town
  4. Looks like a decent snowfall in Keswick and Grasmere on the webcams
  5. It's been a long time since I posted in here, I've been so busy! Drawn back by the prospect of snow... The North East should have a good chance of snow as it's much easier to get convective snow from the North Sea than to rely on frontal snow, as the rest of the country will have to do. Unfortunately I'm heading south tomorrow to go back to university after Christmas - bad timing or what!
  6. Bit late, but we drove through a fairly big thunderstorm yesterday on the A69 near Hexham with large hail, torrential rain, and fairly frequent lightning. It seemed to die on the radar before it reached Newcastle though!
  7. I can see a flash of lightning every 1-2 minutes to my south west now, it looks very distant, I presume it's from those storms over the south Pennines.
  8. The rain has become quite torrential here.
  9. Torrential rain in Newcastle, the showers are really intensifying as they reach the North East coast. I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of rogue lightning strikes (and there have been a couple in North Yorkshire).
  10. Some convection happening across the North East again, ahead of the front. Cells popping up near York and in Northumberland at the moment.
  11. Did anyone else get around 2 minutes of extremely strong wind? There's loads of damage to the trees outside and the garden furniture has blown across the garden. Heavy hail starting here now and the lightning is directly overhead. Can't believe we've had 2 possible supercell storms in one evening. (Or 3, was the first one also suspected supercell?)
  12. Another storm approaching from the south, this one looks like a direct hit, very strong winds now, sounds like a lorry driving past but it just goes on and on!
  13. Best night time lightning display I have seen in the UK. The storms seem to be skirting over the western suburbs of Newcastle, which is perfect as my house has a good view over towards that direction.
  14. Absolutely incredible lightning to my south west, lightning every 1-2 seconds and increasingly loud thunder. The storms to my east off the coast are still fairly impressive too. I think I've only ever seen night storms like this in Florida.
  15. Loads of lightning again, visible to my north east this time towards the coast. Also starting to see flashes to my south west.
  16. Fingers crossed! The city seems to do quite well for storms considering how far north we are, and the general lack of hot weather compared with the rest of England; the storms often seem to intensify as they push up from the S/SW over the Durham Pennines.
  17. There are a lot of leaves and branches lying in the garden now thanks to the hail. Thankfully the car windscreen survived!!
  18. Hailstones the size of mint imperials in Newcastle now, just north of the city centre. The storm seems to have blown over in 30 minutes, and whilst it seemed pretty severe, the lightning was far less frequent than earlier this afternoon.
  19. Incredible lightning display to my South, just had to come indoors though as the rain is starting again.
  20. Very distant rumbles in Newcastle now, very turbulent skies ahead of it, the anvil ahead seems to have spread about 10-15 miles ahead of the storm.
  21. I think County Durham will certainly be in the firing line again, the storm is moving pretty quickly. I'm not sure if it will deliver a direct hit to Newcastle this time as it is a lot smaller than the earlier storm, so it might fizzle out before it reaches here, and due to the smaller size it won't affect such a large area.
  22. That storm over Skipton looks quite potent though, and is heading towards the North East. Will be interesting to see if it can last another hour or two to get here.
  23. Lots of towering clouds bubbling up around Newcastle again now. It feels very humid, but the temperature is stuck down at 20C now thanks to the earlier thunderstorm, and a sea breeze, so I'm not sure how much energy is about up here.
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