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  1. lfcdude

    Turkey Coup

    Just heard I think a bomb go off i no Yannis Koutsomitis ‏@YanniKouts Anadolu reports a bomb has hit #Turkey's parliament. #TurkeyCoup is that it Yeah just happened now ok its on sky news nw
  2. lfcdude

    Turkey Coup

    It looks like gun shots My friend who father is from their is their and has been their last 2 months due to come home in a month, Well she just said to me on fb Just heard gun shots People are shouting....beeping their horns.....why the mongoose is going *what Chat conversation end
  3. lfcdude

    Turkey Coup

    Yeah looks like that LOL
  4. lfcdude

    Turkey Coup

    Turkey will not be supporting ISIS anymore!
  5. lfcdude

    Turkey Coup

  6. lfcdude

    Turkey Coup

    Erdogan is on on holiday in bodrum, on the miltery side seems conclusive Mahir Zeynalov ‏@MahirZeynalov 3m3 minutes ago Turkish state news agency claims that chief of the Turkish army is taken hostage by military officers.
  7. lfcdude

    Turkey Coup

    Looks like a succesfull coup!!!
  8. lfcdude

    Turkey Coup

    Turkey looks like a coup is happening! Lots on social media and now seems confirmed
  9. Looks like a coup has begun in turkey... 

    1. Spikecollie


      Sorry. Since no one has replied but everyone has gone to the "serious discussion" let me be an a'hole for once - for once they cry. The turkeys have flown the coup. OK out of system now. Going to bed...

  10. Haha He is going to be awsome
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