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  1. Funny how remain kept quoting this corrupt woman in run of the referendum
  2. All i can say. As what he quoted.. We won dont be bitter.. A classic apparently, One day a movie may take the title i guess i must copy right it. CIel.. Has always treated me faily and with kindness. I dont understand why i have been brung into this i left this because yes people took the p--- openly made fun ciel she never. i will clear that up ciel has always been nice to me
  3. lfcdude

    Turkey Coup

    Hello xxxx hey x You ok xxxx good tar u x Not really no I get my dad and step mum are protecting me but this a mongooseing joke.....really mongooseing fed up now....at the same time I want to come home but at the same time I don't want to because don't know when I will next see my family over here...I. E my dad, step mum, bros and sisters....probably another mongooseing three years....im not no am I ....people keep looking....beeping their horns shouting stuff to me....my dad trying basically say my mongooseing fault....they have just bombarded me by the pool and will not leave me alone....I went down into the showers and had one lad come in the mongooseing shower whilst was in there.....wtf is this.... xxxx Looks like i am going to have to buy my friend a ticket back home from istanbul
  4. lfcdude

    Turkey Coup

    Greek court hands suspended sentence to Turkish officers who fled coup Alexandroupoli (Greece) (AFP) - A Greek court on Thursday sentenced eight Turkish military officers who fled last week's failed coup to suspended two-month prison terms, an AFP reporter said. The officers, sought by Turkey to face a military trial at home, have requested asylum in Greece and will remain in police custody until their cases on that issue are heard early in August. The prison sentence for illegal entry was suspended for a three-year period, the court in the northern city of Alexandroupoli said, taking into account that the men felt threatened. In his defence, one of the Turkish officers told the court through a translator that he did not want to return home owing to "indiscriminate" arrests by Ankara authorities. "We saw indiscriminate arrests of military personnel and we were afraid," the suspect said. Another said: "I'm proud to be an army man. I would not have left Turkey had my life not been in danger." The case threatens to strain ties between the two NATO allies, with Ankara labelling the eight "terrorists". Turkey's ambassador has warned that failure to return the officers "will not help" ties. "I hope we will manage to swiftly go through the phases of due process and manage to return these terrorist elements so that they will face justice," Kerim Uras told reporters in Athens on Tuesday. https://www.yahoo.com/news/turkish-officers-fleeing-coup-trial-greece-090938399.html?ref=gs
  5. LOL Maybe labour party leader thread is needed? R needs to be like a phenox re rose
  6. lfcdude

    Turkey Coup

    A bit like France Then No different really Hence all the strikes.. Since Hollanda and co r using emergency to enforce laws on unions by passing parliament i must add
  7. Liverpool accept £13m bid from Stoke City for Joe Allen http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liverpool-accept-13m-bid-stoke-11643253
  8. Maybe you have not seen the back of the great man
  9. LOL Fat Sam as England manager, Roy and now Fat Sam its like the FA r taking the p*** 

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      He will probably bring back Heskey:laugh:

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      Nick L

      I still remember his failed stepover against Algeria. 

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  10. Yet another country wants a trade deal with little old UK... Who would ever of though it oh wait people who voted leave did
  11. Yesterday you had the french Pm warning of more attacks now the German Interior minister, Security seems to be situation deteriorating on the continent... Well alot of people on here including my self warned this would happen
  12. Germany axe attack: Police find IS flag in teenager's bedroom A 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker shouted "Allahu akbar"during an axe and knife attack on a train in southern Germany in which five people were injured, a top official has said. Bavaria's interior minister Joachim Herrmann said on Tuesday that investigators raiding the teenager's room also found a hand-painted flag of the Islamic State group. Mr Herrmann told ZDF Television that the attacker came to the Wuerzburg area of Germany two years ago as an unaccompanied minor, and applied for asylum in March. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/germany-axe-attack-police-find-is-flag-in-teenagers-bedroom-a3298861.html Indeed very worrying
  13. Slow news day on sky news... As i said half hour ago
  15. Another 3 police feard dead. Well told a few american freinds their at church and their afraid that this is turning into black v white violence
  16. Lets not forget daves hypocrisy.. So if Eu migrants surge in before closing date.. I.e after article 50 has been invoked why is not wrong to send them home... After all Dave doesent like the economic migrants from outside of EU and wanted to send them home.. R EU people more supreme in daves eyes?
  17. Indeed we do dave, We know what you think of migrants from outside the EU
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