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  1. Reporting a fact posting it, Posting a fact, .. Is now prejudges? Really i feel sorry for the world we live in, that some people try to make it out somthing that it is not .. In fact their rejoice just looking for wars to stir. P.S May i remind the same people it was reported by the Mirror. 


    The mirror may i add is a left wing paper last time i checked. 

  2. Just ONE French border officer checking passports on coaches as thousands of motorists stranded at Dover ferry port

    "Seriously understaffed" French border control desks have been blamed for huge tailbacks leading to Dover's ferry port after authorities ramped up security checks in the wake of the Nice and Munich attacks.

    According to the Port of Dover authority, at one stage just one French officer was checking hundreds of coaches - with each check taking nearly an hour.


  3. Liverpool complete £25m signing of Georginio Wijnaldum


    Liverpool have completed the £25million signing of Newcastle United attacking midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum. The Holland international has put pen to paper on a five-year contract after passing his medical on Merseyside on Friday. Wijnaldum, who turned down interest from Tottenham in favour of a move to Anfield, will wear the No 5 shirt – last worn by defender Daniel Agger. Liverpool will pay Newcastle £23millon up front with a further £2millon to potentially follow in add-ons.


  4. 1 minute ago, Yarmy said:

    Where are they saying it's a cover up? 

    They are saying it's far too soon to draw any conclusions which is good advice that some on here should take.

    Their basically saying.. Dont be taken in by the whole far right crap.. Like i said.. dont be taken in by it.. Cover up could be about to begin. 

  5. 1 minute ago, mountain shadow said:

    What are you talking about? ?!!!! Where have I taken any pride in this? ?

    Absolutely disgraceful remark.

    Oh dear read your posts and get back... Take a break have a kit kat before your embarrass your self more. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Yarmy said:

    The most ridiculous, crackpot, obscene post I've ever read on here, yet you have the utter gall to call others out. 

    This whole thread needs shutting down ASAP. It's embarrassing.


    Indeed respected journalists  r nutters? 



  7. 2 minutes ago, Ed Stone said:

    Whether said 'nutter' is right- or left-wing, the Germans' cover-up is as good as always...Give it a rest, Dude? Your conspiracy theories are getting somewhat thin. As are your 'mate's' CC's?

    Keep trolling ed Some people r bored of it now. Show some respect to the dead. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, mountain shadow said:

    Typical reactions from Brexiters on here.

    Read through this thread and you can see the initial reacations when the assumption was it was Islamic fundamentalism.  Then when it appears it might be white German fascism immigration policy in Europe is still being named. 

    The bottom line is don't jump to conclusions. 

    Maybe you should listen to your self, Instead of taking pride it might not be Islamic. Show some respect 

  9. 2 minutes ago, mountain shadow said:

    A win win for Brexiters judging by some comments in this thread. 

    If it's Islamic terrorism then it's immigrants fault and if it's right wing fascists then it's still immigrants fault

    Unbelievable and shameful,  but typical of Brexiters. 

    I really feel sorry for some people who have to post this kind of stiring nonence when people have lost their life. Post has been reported 

  10. 4 minutes ago, Bristle boy said:

    Merkel's toast!

    The whole European federalist ideology is finished. 

    Open borders and all that. Time to lift up the drawbridge.

    Indeed i am furious its ridiculous . she has alot to answer for. Hopefully she will be behind bars one day 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Karl. said:

    No never seen it but trump is a loud mouth racist, if he's the best man for the job, never mind God bless America, more like god help America, I still think Hilary is the best man for the job!:D

    Its a woman 

  12. 6 minutes ago, Karl. said:

    Trump started off as a joke but nobody is laughing now, how could this happen, a loud mouth racist Redneck could be the next president.:nonono:

    Since when was he any of that? Since When was a new yorker a redneck?

    You ever watched celeb apprentices USA? Want a insight into Trump i suggest you watch :) 

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