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  1. So after 2 months almost! i ordered BT on 26th of November, my ee fiber ended on 10 of december, so much from a smooth transition to BT, Hours of phone calls delayed delayed delayed... It has finally just turnt on...

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    2. lfcdude


      God went round in circles promised it sorted by Scottish call center, get giving a date

      original exemple 10th of December when ee ended easy hand over,

      Then Bt call centre in india cancel, go back and forth a million times scotish say sorted,

      about 7 hours in phone calls total asked to complain got told had no manager by india call centre on the 3rd week of being told same lie

      so rang scotish bt up their rang and asked to speak to india bt head manegment on my behalf and i...

    3. lfcdude


      i will leave when deal expires in 12 months, 10 pound a month unlimited fiber, and 16 landline and 100 pound sainsboury voucher and 40 next, worth it no been nothing but a joke last two months, lucky my t mobile internet is unlimited so been using my phones net

    4. lassie23


      went with talk talk too, BT started charging for breathing.

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