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  1. So glad you guys are getting some "different" weather... Looks promising .....
  2. Mmm ? http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/2015-2016-europe-winter-forecast-seasonable-london-paris-storms-france-italy-alps/52871620
  3. Yes it,s when the hairs freeze in the nose I find strange.. I have only seen -27 here in 3 years which is ok with no wind and brilliant sunshine. I did see - 20 in Scotland once. The models now Put Calgary in the zone for the heavy snow for Tuesday and very cold there after..as Brett suggests on Accu....
  4. Yes CH.. My 3rd Sept & always had the best weather then..Infact the warmest day has been in Sept the last 3 years.. It will change quick though..!!!!
  5. Thanks to you guys on the canadian updates. I dont post very often and cant find anything here as good as NW. Moved to alberta from scotland 6 months ago so first winter comming up.......(thanxs for the almanac i like the cold but ??). Cheers....... C......................... Oooh & 30c on the 23rd sept..!! Nice...
  6. 75% of the uk have to listen to what the other 15 % are going to get temp wise...

    1. Noctilucid


      15% of the UK have to listen to 75% whinging.

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      What about the other 10%?!

    3. Noctilucid


      They're in Malaga.

  7. Can now enjoy the world cup with the sound on.! Becks beer anyone?

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