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  1. So how do people think we will fair here in Wales with that little feature moving SW on Tuesday morning from the NE?
  2. This is rarely seen. Here we have a yellow early warning with high impact. I truly believe here in S. Wales we could see this upgraded first to orange and then to a very worrying RED alert. A once in a lifetime event.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Living in the Heads of the valley I'm actually getting a little bit excited now. It's been a pretty decent winter here thus far but if it plays out as the ecm suggests we will be rivalling Dec 2010 where we had just over a foot of level snow!
  4. Hi steve, great looking charts for a big snow event in the south later next week. However I'm a little confused with your comments on the UKMO 144 chart. You said that all of England and Wales have the uppers mixed out but the chart still shows is under depp cold as well as surface cold being pulled off the continent. I'm confused. Cheers
  5. Heavy snow shower in Cwmbach this morning settling on cars. Dry now but looks like a few more on their way. Nice to see after the main cold spell produced nowt
  6. Yes looks like the shower train is on course yet again for the Cynon Valley. Big flakes settling on cars
  7. Indeed @frosty the 0z gfs ensembles are not without interest.
  8. So the cold spell is over......for 24 hours! Well not quite the the depth of cold we have had this weekend but certainly cold enough for snow and some settling snow above around 150-200m Heads of the valleys and the Beacons look like getting a few more cms wed night into Thursday.
  9. It's something the Met Office are keeping a close eye on as the system moves SE there could be snow to low levels during tomorrow's rush hour in the NW. High ground could see quite a depth.
  10. Great trip over to Brecon from Merthyr today. Looked beautiful. Could see the huge shower clouds to the west forming over the Irish Sea too which may give something later in the West of our region. Our baby is just 9 months old and loved the snow. Takes after his dad!
  11. I drove up to Hirwaun from Aberdare and then along the Heads of the Valleys road all the way to Tredegar. Luckily for me I followed a snow plough from Dowlais Top to Tredegar then nearly got stuck on the slip road (aptly named) Anyway Tredegar had around 10- 12" of the white stuff. Incredible scenes and puts our 2-3" on Aberdare to shame! On a serious note, with temps in rural wales dropping to -10 tonight tomorrow will be lethal!
  12. Quite incredible temp drop. When you think the initial cold front on Thursday dropped the temp about the same in 12 hours!
  13. Props to the Met Office, they have handled this situation really well. Indeed the high res models and the ECM pretty much got it bang on from 36-24 hours out and the corrections southward noted by experienced posters came to fruition. Great to see ice days modelled over the snowfields over the coming couple of days too.
  14. Great reading the posts from people getting snow this morning. You also have to give the Met Office serious praise for the accuracy of the forecast. The band as I expected moved south a little more by around 50 miles that brought much more of Wales into the snow zone. And as expected some areas of Mid Wales and also the Heads of the Valley, have experienced their heaviest falls dine 2010/2013. It been a great start to winter and the great thing is those that have lying snow will be able to enjoy it for a couple of days as temp will barely reach freezing. Another b
  15. The latest fax also shows "most" of Wales the "right side" of the occlusion now and the warm front again has disappeared. A few more twists and turns to come. Looks like the MetO are going more in line with the 0z ECM
  16. Some pics from this morning here in Cwmbach, Aberdare We had to take our 8 month old to Prime care in merthyr this morning and above Aberdare the snow went from a covering to around 2-3" by the hospital. Temp was between 0- -2. You know my thoughts on the snow tomorrow. There will still be further adjustments south. Even now my app goes from sleet to rain to snow. And Brecon which is probably only 15-20 miles north of here is in the amber warning. We wait in anticipation. Even if it doesn't materialise we had more last night than the whole of 2016-2017 winter combined
  17. Another heavy shower passes down the Cynon streamer
  18. I'm wondering if there is some kind of convergence zone here stretching from Mid Wales to the Valley area. The wind must be in the perfect position for such alignment. They are putting down a fair amount of snow and seem to be fizzling around the M4 between Newport and Cardiff some 15-20 miles from me.
  19. Snowing heavily in Cwmbach, Aberdare and by the looks of the radar, plenty more beefy showers coming in a line from the Irish Sea to the Cynon Valley!
  20. As I said yesterday expect corrections South. The latest fax charts look great for wales on Sunday and Monday. Quite a shift south with the warm front decaying and being replaced by occlusion which runs along the M4
  21. Wouldn't be surprised for you to see snow Sunday tbh. You got a bit of elevation there at between 2-300m
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