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  1. This could be due to very dry air and low dew points Causes “sublimation” or in layman’s terms turns solid to gas Just a thought Happens after snowfall with temps below freezing and the snow just appears to vanish
  2. My 76 year old father snow blading today in Newnham, Kent. They’ve had around 4” over the last 24 hours. Temp is -0.8 there right now V jealous indeed as I look out over green fields in the valleys, S Wales Oh well we’ve done ok for snow so far here so glad the SE are joining in! IMG_6659.MP4
  3. This must be the first time in weeks that no one has posted the ECM charts lol 😂😂 Could somebody post them up for those of us (of the older generation) that have zero tech skills please Thank you 😊
  4. Just had a video sent from my father. Heavy snow and blizzards in N Kent this morning! This week (apart from the odd flurry) looks pretty dry We may get some disturbances running east to west, just a case of keeping an eye out on fax and radar End of week we may get some but the way things are heading it may not even reach here as a high builds to our NE So a nice cold dry week coming up which makes a nice change tbh
  5. Although I now live in the Valleys of S. Wales, I lived in N Kent through the 1980’s-2010 We had some epic snowfalls on the N Downs where we lived between Sittingbourne and Lenham My parents still Live there and I’m really jealous looking at what potentially may fall over the next 48 hours there. Looks like they are right in the sweet spot for that 25-30cms 😳😳👀👀 Here in S Wales we’ve had falling and settling snow for the last 3 weekends so I’m delighted you guys are going to get your fill this time. Already today the hills above my house are white from earlier snow
  6. Hills above Cwmdare and Hirwaun I can see from my lounge window, are now white. Looks like snow has been falling and settling above around 750-800’ this morning Certainly a surprise Way colder than modelled for sure
  7. Latest 12z UKM shows the low at 120 further west and south in the Atlantic and the Scandinavian ridge further west and south than the 0z output There is a long way to run on this yet. More forcing in coming runs could disrupt this low further
  8. Good afternoon Looks like winter is about to hit my parents in N Kent on Saturday night/Sunday Looks fairly benign for most of Wales Maybe some transient snow on sat night for eastern Wales and the odd snow shower in the early part of the week Best chance are lows sliding in from midweek onwards. This is certainly not nailed at this point and as always expect the cold to hang on longer than modelled right now I’m hopeful of some battleground snowfall at some point. Whether this is meaningful will be decided in the next 2-3 days Until then let’s kick back, rel
  9. I’d pretty much agree with that going on what we know thus far. Reminds me of the old Countryfile summary at the end of the forecast 😊👍👏🏻
  10. Bearing in mind the UKM has been rock solid for days and the GFS has been woeful in the run up, I’d be putting the operational firmly in the bin then setting fire to it Anyone panicking, chill. It’s every model against the GFS with the ECM still to come UKM at 96 or GFS at 96?!?!? Come on guys, get with it! 😂 It was only 2 days ago the cold spell had NO SUPPORT on the ens, only to totally flip in 12 hours GFS is a joke model in these situations
  11. Hmmmm we had the coldest March day on record at -5 in Tredegar with drifts up to the guttering Pretty historic here lol
  12. Just up above Aberdare with my boy loving life!!
  13. And while we all ponder on where we will be in 7 days, I write this with heavy settling snow falling in S Wales a nice surprise of which there will be a lot of over the next 5-7 days countrywide! Bring on the heavy hitters of the 12z’s!
  14. This is a good point! Precip will prob be around 5-10 miles behind the echoes
  15. Great to see that many are seeing falling snow today almost down to sea level
  16. I did ask earlier but think it may have got lost Anyome have the models take on tomorrow’s snow in the S of Wales? Thank you James
  17. IF the ECM is wrong then it has dealt with this extremely badly You can’t dispel what it’s showing BUT it’s pretty much on it’s own It will be interesting to see how it sits amongst its’ ens Personally I’ve felt that the Ukm, gfs, gfs par, gem et al have all seen a fairly “clean” evolution this eve Ill never discount the ECM, it would be foolish, BUT the odds are stacking against it tonight imo
  18. Can anyone share the latest output for tomorrow re the potential snow in SW UK please Thank you
  19. As expected a rain fest for the south today and it seems to have gone a little further north too and the warning zone was adjusted back north lol Tomorrow looks to be a better bet and as this front went a little further north it could bode well for tomorrow’s but this time we have the cold air in place Be prepared for either big upgrades or a non event lol Jay is right in that any warning will prob be issued later on today if it’s coming at all
  20. Good evening ladies and gents!! Looks like the warning was moved south as I alluded to yesterday which is good to see BUT I think away from elevation there will be nothing tomorrow Maybe falling wet snow but certainly not settling. I guess it depends on whether we get a decent undercut of cold air before the front slides away south Sunday looks a better bet BUT this time precip looks to be light Just a shame saturdays front couldn’t wait until Sunday lol Either way this weekend will of course spring some surprises and then the following weekend the
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