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  1. 1 hour ago, SnowStorm(Jamie) said:

    Im not sure if the BBC weather uses the ECM data or not? I dont think they use the Met Office model (UKV) on tv anymore? 

    On 6 February 2018, the BBC began using the MeteoGroup graphics, which include: a seasonal "window on the weather" at the start of each bulletin. green land. high quality moving graphics reproduce detailed weather conditions represented by high-resolution data.

    Not sure on the data they use tho 

    Id always go through the UKMet 

    BBC are not my go to 

  2. As I mentioned yesterday evening, don’t be surprised if you see an Amber warning for those in Kent and E Sussex this afternoon and this evening 

    As expected deep convection now beginning to fire up in a distinct streamer 

    Those in the firing line could add another 10-15cms before the end of the night. 

    Expect the streamer to migrate eastwards over the next 6-12 hours before finally leaving the Kent coast by tomorrow midday 



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  3. 31 minutes ago, alexisj9 said:

    No where in the se has amber today, do they? There's a blanket yellow and rightly so to, my road is an ice rink. Although the nice people that live on the hilly road up to here, have cleared one side of the pavement, so it's safe to walk. Life savers they are, wouldn't have been able to get down the local shop at all otherwise. Slipped on the flat of my road once. Still have snow where people haven't walked. So I don't think the sun's going to melt it all but some has gone obviously. Roads are unusable unless you know what you're doing car wise. Tires slip.

    No amber but I wouldn’t be surprised if one was issued over night into tomorrow 

  4. My feelings are that Kent’s and Sussex’s best chances will be later tonight and tomorrow as winds turn more NE 

    Ironically this is the time I think an Amber warning would be more pertinent for this area 

    Let’s see how it plays out but I’m thinking proper deep convection here with slower moving cells 

    Dont get me wrong my parents have seen around 5-6” in N Kent over the last 2 days but I think that could be beaten in 24 hours over the next day or so 

    As always where these streamers set up will determine where the heaviest falls will be. 

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  5. Just now, claret047 said:

    You may well be correct as this is the usual default winter position in the UK. On the other hand until the last two runs there was no turning back from further significant cold streaming in from the east. Carol K this morning was convinced the mild would be repelled over the weekend and make little progress into the UK. 

    Call me Mr Positive but there is always a route back.

    At the moment snowing quite heavily here and hopefully is set to do so for as few more hours.

    Kind Regards



    She was still using yesterday’s data sadly 

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  6. Just now, PUTIN said:

    Can confirm what James says - don't shoot the messenger! 

    No harm in hoping, but may as well be a realist as well.

    I’d love more than anyone to see an extension. They have also moved away from a snowy breakdown too in the west (for me) which is the worst of both worlds! 

    But it looks like some of you in the SE will get a decent snow event over the next 2 days! 

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Southender said:

    Well. Any milder weather will be brief according to the latest METO update.

    UK long range weather forecast

    Saturday 13 Feb - Monday 22 Feb

    It will remain cold or very cold with brisk winds during the start of this period but potentially turning milder over southwestern then western areas for a time, but with a risk of gales at times here. Outbreaks of rain and snow, potentially heavy for some southwestern areas are possible across western and southern areas, whilst mostly dry and bright in the east and north. However with a continued risk of snow showers possible in central and northern areas. Further into this period, snow and attendant wintry hazards are likely to continue which could affect mainly northern areas and eastern areas but not confined to. Overall, conditions look to remain cold but some milder interludes are possible with accompanied unsettled conditions moving in from the west or the southwest.

    Updated: 04:00 (UTC) on Tue 9 Feb 2021

    Monday 22 Feb - Monday 8 Mar

    After a potential spell of milder and wetter conditions for most likely western parts, probably a return to colder and drier conditions overall. Whilst overall conditions are likely to remain cold, there is a continued chance for unsettled, milder interludes arriving from the west or southwest. These may produce a risk of disruptive snowfall during transition periods. Increased confidence at the end of February and the start of March for cold and mostly dry conditions. However, there remains a greater than normal threat of disruptive winter hazards for all areas through this period, with snowfall possible for all areas, but most likely in the east.

    Updated: 04:00 (UTC) on Tue 9 Feb 2021

    This will change today.

    Overnight models all have the breakdown now at the weekend with none showing a cold week next week 

    Things have trended the wrong way today and there is no route back 


    So enjoy the next 2-3 days! 

  8. 2 minutes ago, Polaris said:

    Big fat flakes falling so heavily for the past 3 hours with temps at -2c with a slow melt of the powder snow this morning. No further accumulation. 

    It must be something to do with ground temps mate as per your post. 

    Need that powder snow back and quick.


    Come on Easterly!!!! 

    Sublimation or a faulty thermometer and it is actually melting lol 😂😂

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