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  1. Looks like round 2 is starting Snow getting heavier here and still -1 atm
  2. A nice surprise -2 and dry snow here blowing off the roofs
  3. Just a case of radar watching I guess At this rate I’m guessing it will be in your area around 10-11am
  4. Ah you got a bit of height there too. All my family farm around Clarbeston which isn’t too far from you
  5. It looks way too intense to fizzle Its also tilting NW-SE At this rate NI will struggle to get the snow and we will end up getting more
  6. Where is your location? You’ve not put it in your profile Thanks 😊
  7. I fear it will be dry for most of us tomorrow but I’d love to be wrong In the mean time I’ll share some pics of my parents house in N Kent who had around 8-9” of powder snow by yesterday morning Today the snow has blown and cut off a couple of hamlets close by on the N Downs
  8. Looking at the latest MetO forecast, no real snow at all for wales now so think we need to look to the next potential snow event in a few weeks time lol
  9. On 6 February 2018, the BBC began using the MeteoGroup graphics, which include: a seasonal "window on the weather" at the start of each bulletin. green land. high quality moving graphics reproduce detailed weather conditions represented by high-resolution data. Not sure on the data they use tho Id always go through the UKMet BBC are not my go to
  10. Another 10cm of snow fell last night, topping us out at just over 20cms on the grass this morning Temp -5.5 Cloudy and calm Probably the deepest snow since 2010/2018 here in Newnham, Kent IMG_6705.MP4
  11. This next cell has our name on it a little later 👀😳 Looks like a head on collision unless the wind veers more ENE
  12. Each cell is dropping between 1-2” One of the heaviest showers of the spell has just gone overhead Will be interesting to measure the depth come morning Edit: ME9 postcode - Newnham, N. Kent
  13. More than 15 cms out there now and still it comes in Newnham, N Kent ME9 IMG_6693.MP4
  14. As I mentioned yesterday evening, don’t be surprised if you see an Amber warning for those in Kent and E Sussex this afternoon and this evening As expected deep convection now beginning to fire up in a distinct streamer Those in the firing line could add another 10-15cms before the end of the night. Expect the streamer to migrate eastwards over the next 6-12 hours before finally leaving the Kent coast by tomorrow midday James
  15. No amber but I wouldn’t be surprised if one was issued over night into tomorrow
  16. My feelings are that Kent’s and Sussex’s best chances will be later tonight and tomorrow as winds turn more NE Ironically this is the time I think an Amber warning would be more pertinent for this area Let’s see how it plays out but I’m thinking proper deep convection here with slower moving cells Dont get me wrong my parents have seen around 5-6” in N Kent over the last 2 days but I think that could be beaten in 24 hours over the next day or so As always where these streamers set up will determine where the heaviest falls will be.
  17. Think this says it all latest met office forecast
  18. I’d love more than anyone to see an extension. They have also moved away from a snowy breakdown too in the west (for me) which is the worst of both worlds! But it looks like some of you in the SE will get a decent snow event over the next 2 days!
  19. This will change today. Overnight models all have the breakdown now at the weekend with none showing a cold week next week Things have trended the wrong way today and there is no route back So enjoy the next 2-3 days!
  20. Sublimation or a faulty thermometer and it is actually melting lol 😂😂
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