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  1. And the EC also shunting everything South as well following on from the UKMO. For comparison here are 96/120/144
  2. UKMO looking like it's keeping the snow threat going across the UK with its 0z run. Difficult to know exactly as no access to the 850's 96/120/144
  3. If we look across the main 0z suites, then we could say that the colder weather has gained a little momentum today (except gfs) and shows sub -5 air straddled across the UK right out pretty much to day 10 Next week is certainly going to throw up some wintry surprises for some in the UK Do not write winter off just yet. This has certainly got the potential to upgrade and nothing is set in stone yet. I think tomorrow's 12z will throw a little more light on a likely outcome
  4. And the 6z gfs is keen to take us back into deep winter again just a week from now.
  5. UKMO slower yes but looking like the low around Iceland has nowhere to go but move SE as a trigger low sending all that cold over Scandi southwestwards
  6. Quite remarkable Synoptics showing up this March. Especially given the fact that many have decent cold to tap into. How often in the past have we seen great charts but lacking in cold to tap into. It seems the cold over the pole keeps draining south and west. Is this still all to do with the second wave of SSW?
  7. JamesL

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Cwmbach, Nr Aberdare this morning. Around 7" now and still snowing
  8. JamesL

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Aproaching 6" here in Cwmbach and snowing steadily. Very powdery and quite remarkable for mid/late March
  9. JamesL

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Jeeeeeez still goin on about Derek? Really? What used to be a decent forum has become a total farce. Get a grip people, you must all lead incredibly boring lives to still be talking about Derek after 2.5 weeks. He would be flattered to know that you're still talking about him. Im done here. Over and out
  10. Quite fascinating. The Met Office's amber warning zone is the zone with no precip I'm guessing there is more precip looking to move in later?
  11. JamesL

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    All this talk of Derek is getting boring. I think everyone has made their point clear. Be better concentrating on the weather conditions in Wales. Currently dry here in Cwmbach after earlier snow
  12. JamesL

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Light snow now falling in Cwmbach north of Andy at the top of the Cynon Valley
  13. Wishing all the SE contingent all the very best of luck for a good fall of snow over the next 48 hours. Having lived in N. Kent for 23 years I always keep abreast of what is happening weatherwise especially when it snows. I remember 1987, 1991, 2005 to name just a few of the great falls we've had around Sittingbourne on the Downs. Im now living in SE wales just below the Heads of the Valley and we've had a fantastic winter for snowfall. Now with another amber warning for Sunday here I await our 3rd foot of snow this winter. Quite remarkabke!
  14. JamesL

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Indeed and it's almost a carbon copy of the area that the Red warning was issued for 2 weeks ago potentually up to 25cms I would guess for Heads of the Valleys again!!! We have had a great winter for snow
  15. Haha notification just came through. Almost exactly the same warning area as the red one issued for us just over 2 weeks ago.