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  1. Looks like we are cut off in Harwich, all roads closed and trains not working. Light icing on Thames area shipping forecast, extremely rare
  2. Just come back from Stansted Airport travelling to Harwich, no snow up there at all at the moment. By the time I got to Colchester by pass (A120) at least 3cm on the road and really difficult driving for the last 20 miles, so cold the gritting lorries don't seem to have helped much. Hope you guys north of London etc. get some snow this week
  3. Bastards have switched off the lamps, forgot about that.. this is the reason I couldn't vote for the current bunch
  4. This has to be conversion zone of some sort down this way, the wind direction has been all over the place tonight http://hha.co.uk/live-data/wind-speed/
  5. We seem to be in a firing line for snow showers near Harwich over last hour or so. However only half a centimeter on the ground. However if the winds start to pick up again expect the snow to start blowing around , especially if we get more during the early hours as forecast. Current wind 18 mph from NNE
  6. http://apps.hha.co.uk/mis/Sensors/HarwichLevel.aspx Link clearly showing the surge in Harwich harbour. Will be quite a specatcle if surge maintains til high water at about 0130. 2 friends and their families who live in west street, Harwich, may end up taking my offer for beds for the night by the looks of things
  7. I used to sometimes work in the Thames Estuary for Trinity House and passed it many times. If my memory is correct it is near the north end of the N Edinburgh Channel, roughly NE of Sheerness and E of Foulness(possibly north of Herne Bay?). I'ts one of the biggest of the old WW2 anti aircraft forts in the Thames Estuary.
  8. Just over the Wash at 6 http://meteocentre.com/analyses/map.php?map=UK&date=2013102806&size=standard〈=en&area=eur Been travelling North East so far this morning. According to reports from Essex Weather Centre peak winds after 0800
  9. This may be of help... they were replying to somone in Burnham on this post but gives you an idea Essex Weather Centre â€@EssexWeather14mSouth-Westerly winds are strengthening now, frequent gusts of 50mph or more by 06:00. Perhaps up to 70mph late morning.
  10. Yes pretty noticeable now as it increases. Gusting gale 8 in Harwich Harbour. Looks like game on for a while. PS lights just flickered grrr
  11. For information to those in Essex: Essex weather keeping tweets going through the night, some interesting stuff, https://twitter.com/EssexWeather Slept for couple of hours, woke up, cup of tea, now don't feel like kipping... severe weather makes me like a kid
  12. Prefer this cam to the Southsea one http://www.hayling.co.uk/surfcam/ (Hayling Island) Looks a little mental down there at the moment
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