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  1. As people can see from the radar the heavier precipitation is just starting to make land fall. Backed up from heavier snow reports in Brighton and Hastings. Give it a chance!
  2. I honestly think we are still an hour or two away from the heavier precipitation which is over the channel. People need to chill and let nature do its thing!
  3. The chance of streamers is more appealing than the current front heading our way! keep us posted on this one!
  4. Ha ha! Here we go again! Depressed posts, it will only be 2cm not the 20 promised yesterday! Every year!
  5. After all of Toms work on Channel Lows this week it would be very fitting for Tuesdays possible event to come off!
  6. The weather only adds to the fun lol a successful lap last night was not spinning at the 3rd corner! Ice rink!
  7. Steve, just got back from Buckmore Park Karting! Word of advise the the right turn past the finish line and the sharp hair pin left we’re like an ice rink!! If tomorrow is colder I wish you all the best lol! Lap times were 54-55 seconds which is 3-4 seconds slower than last week. Still a good night.
  8. Country file forecast have gone with a North Easterly Wednesday/Thursday with possibility of a few centimetres over East Anglia, Essex and Kent.
  9. Keeping the faith Tom. I too think we could see the charts flip back around.
  10. As I said earlier I think it will all change again. Charts are all over The place at mo. Get the cold in and see what happens.
  11. I would not be surprised if by the morning the charts have changed back to cold and snowy! Don’t give up just yet. Thoughts anyone?
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