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  1. What we are seeing on the radar at the moment is the last of the "warm" weather pushing away. The bitterly cold weather is coming in behind it from the East - clear at first and then.... well you know the rest!
  2. I heard they had to close your local pitch and putt because some kids kept using the fairway of hole number 2 for sliding their sledges down.
  3. At 77 "I am CONSIDERABLY older than yow!" (but probably not richer!) I was 4 in 1947 (look that year's winter up if it doesn't ring a bell - plenty of videos on the "tube") - it ruined me for life as I expected every year would be like that!
  4. I've already rebooked my first jab from next Tuesday, putting it back to next Thursday, but not sure these country roads (and I have to go cross-country to my Centre) will be drivable even by then! That's the trouble with living in the depths of rural Suffolk, but wouldn't have it any other way!
  5. Can't see coastal East Anglia cloud-creation any more, and it looks like it's all starting to slide away westwards from the coast there, and that will be the end of the Big Beast encore for this region, I suspect. However on the models site they are now talking about another snow event for Easter!
  6. I should be in St Lucia today on a cruise but we didn't go because my wife was ill. The temperature in St. Lucia? - 27 degrees!!
  7. Nowadays, teachers who want to remain sane throughout their career will make sure they live just far enough away from the school or college to ensure that they never bump into pupils/students in the street!
  8. Yes, and I can remember the free third of a bottle of milk arriving in crates frozen solid in winter and we would spend our 15 minute break trying to defrost it with our hands and a straw! We never managed it on a really cold morning so we had to put the milk back in the crate and go without!
  9. Just measured accurately as 6" (sorry - old school!) depth here in Worlingworth - NW of Ipswich. p.s. anyone seen our cat?
  10. No - we have as much chance as managing to model personality - too many variables.
  11. Go over the level crossing and you enter what was Bata Land - factory gone now, but ask around - 3,000 worked there when I was there! Left to get married! - now still together 49 years later.
  12. My regards to Linford and East Tilbury - used to live and work at Bata's in the '60s. Taught Linford kids to play the piano too in the church hall! All famous now I expect!
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