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  1. All GFS runs are like a dog with a bone at the moment with regards to a risk of snowfall across parts of the UK and Ireland next week. (midweek onwards especially - not solely for high ground) I am leaving it at that...enough model/chart viewing for one day! Over to you @Paul Faulkner to fill us all in with the remaining model discussion on this run.
  2. Afternoon all Gusting between 40mph to 45mph - making a wee roar but more like a fart in a teacup. (I would class anything over 55mph as decent from an extreme weather enthusiast view ) Bit choppy on the water and heavy rain - it’s actually quite nice to hear the rain hitting off the windows - not had much of that in recent times. Later next week still looking interesting from a wintry/snowy perspective - imagine places over 300 meters are going to get quite a dump! (Low levels who knows but guys like @Ravelin @bigsnow @Northern Strath will probably see snowfall before any of the rest of us as usual!) Have a good night!
  3. Tell you what though you love to see it...12th and 13th December potentially looking snowy. That is going to feel raw! (If it becomes reality)
  4. Seriously? I have been on this thread for ten years and with all due respect to @Glacier Point he has called it wrong many times. (As I’m sure he would admit) Please revert back to his posts from January when he was suckered into the big wintry outlook that the teleconnections and Met Office were pointing to. (He vanished soon after) What became of that? Zero wintry conditions and a blazing hot end to February - all time temperature record smashed in Scotland) This is not a personal attack as I always look forward to his posts but let’s not talk utter nonsense regarding untouchable forecasts from people. If members are going to throw statements like that about a response is merited. Plus @feb1991blizzard has more mood swings and ups and downs than my 22 months old toddler. (No offence mate) On a side note there is good wintry/snowy potential for Northern parts next week and parts of the UK are currently running below average temperatures for December so far (mean temperatures) - not a bad start to Winter. If people are going to make sweeping statements writing off Winter months at least state which area/country for? UK and Ireland is a big place with plenty of regional differences.
  5. If this comes off for next week some upland villages in Scotland are going to be snowed in for a day or two! Few snippets from next week - GFS 6z (There are many more - too many to post) It is a recurring theme - let’s see if it counts down into a reliable timeframe.
  6. @Faronstream you have the right idea above mate - chatting/replying to yourself. Yes @Iceaxecrampon looks a tad windy there! All models in agreement on that at least. (why never for snow though? ) GFS ECM UKMO
  7. You have to laugh a bit though - it’s the same people whinging in this thread every year. (No matter what the season) I know the above is the point of this thread but they then carry that negative vibe elsewhere on the forum. It does not seem to matter which weather preference they have - always down in the dumps and looking to be the biggest vibe assassins/buzz killingtons on the threads. Is it a location thing that makes certain folk more prone to moaning about weather they receive? Is it due to previous disappointments from believing charts are going to become reality from 10 days away? Are certain people just born pessimistic? Is it because the UK and Ireland climate is very mundane/pretty non eventful all year round? Personally I enjoy the chase in all seasons whether that be for snow, thunderstorms or heat but I never get downbeat or throw my toys out the pram If it does not deliver what the charts/models/outlooks show. Cheer up folks and have a good day.
  8. Morning all Complex outlook this morning regarding potential snow events across the UK and Ireland (as always) - Scotland and Northern England look primed for some knife edge marginal snowfall events (significant over higher hills/mountains I would imagine) - beginning middle/end of next week. (Other parts of the UK and Ireland in the mix also) GFS ECM Upper 850’s of -4 to -8 across many parts of the UK and Ireland through most of the runs and with plenty of precipitation about. Certainly the risk is there from all the above charts/information for a spell of wintry conditions - whether that be on low ground or above 300 meters...who knows until the time arrives? My glass remains half full as always. Have a great day everyone!
  9. You have already had an Autumn fix of snow at least. Ii I am sure a Winter fix will arrive at some stage. Just caught up with the ECM...not the best run...but plenty of twists and turns to come. (Still hopeful of something wintry arriving next week) It has been an interesting day of model/charts viewing and once again a good read of different opinions/preferences/outlooks. Over to the graveyard shift now with @CreweCold starring as the grim reaper. (just joking mate) Have a good night everyone!
  10. To be honest though mate what are the chances of that actually happening? More chance of @knocker dressing as Santa Claus and snowboarding down Cairngorm mountain. @Tim Bland As per post above it is only December 4th though and the outlook is what you would expect - however I understand it is not looking good for the South. (Plenty of Winter left for that)
  11. @sausage only a matter time before the River Thames freezes over again...time as in machine. (Back to the Future 4 feat Marty Mcsausage) Another cracking GFS FI there for the North especially. So definitely a trend on that model today for potential marginal and not so marginal snow chances over the next couple of weeks. (Will it come true though? ) The big question is though...will it snow in Carlisle!? Let’s see what the ECM has to say soon.
  12. Nah - they will have huge amounts of snowfall if today’s charts come off. I guess it all comes down to ones location and glass half full/half empty approach. Personally I am very happy with the outlook - can see why others in different areas of the UK and Ireland would not be. As ever though I think some folk in here forget we live in the UK/Ireland - they seem to wake up and go to bed thinking they live in Northern Finland. I am pretty sure every single member in here will see a flake of snowfall this Winter - if not I will eat my sledge.
  13. Again...why are people getting in a sweat over the +144 UKMO chart? Have people read the outlook for what comes almost immediately after this...? Updated at 16:00...key points...initially mild...then more likely to dip below normal temperatures...wintry showers up North...low risk of widespread snowfall on North of rain bands..frost and freezing fog. That sounds like Winter to me.
  14. Agreed. To be fair to @Steve Murr I think he threw his toys out the pram early this morning with regards to...it’s all over post! We all view the model output with a bit of IMBY mentality which is also fair enough. For the North (and a few other parts of the UK and Ireland) today’s ECM, GFS and Met Office outlook show a potential wintry spell of weather from Tuesday onwards. (Especially towards the end of the week) So for me being based in Scotland I now want the current charts all be to correct and countdown to 24 hours away! Of course I would love every member on here (who loves cold/snow) to see snowfall sooner rather than later! Onwards and upwards!
  15. Afternoon all! Our (few of us in here) first wet and windy spell in a while is upon us! 55mph to 65mph for coasts and hills. (As per Met Office) I am looking at about 50mph gusts here from late morning and those gusts should then transfer through the Central Lowlands and over to the East. Next Tuesday onwards looking good for a Wintry spell of weather for many of us. (Hills/mountains to begin with then lower ground in the North...then hopefully the rest of us! ) - latest GFS run was snow heaven for parts of Scotland. ECM and Met Office outlook also showing wintry potential. Good wee read from Sean Batty below: Ice poll: Snow predicted on election day across Scotland STV.TV Voters may need to wrap up warm when they visit the ballot box next Thursday. So lots going on weather wise which makes for an interesting start to Winter. Enjoy the rest of yer day!
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