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  1. Snow line is clinging on here up at 150 meters but quickly retreating! Another wonderful walk in/surrounded by snow today - sad to see it go very soon.
  2. Well this was the view from the front/back windows earlier this morning...another pathetic dusting! Cancelled my plan of climbing Strone Hill (385 meters) and instead took my son up our local hill behind the house. (98 meters) A fairly decent covering of 4/5 cm’s on the grass and a glorious walk around! Bring on the Spring warmth now please!
  3. Woke up to rain half an hour ago...now snowing at sea level! Big fluffy flakes! Yaaaaaaaasssss! Heading up a 385 meter hill today so should be fun! Enjoy the snow everyone!
  4. Bonkers here - constant roaring wind and really insane gusts with hail/rain showers moving through. (Must be hitting 60 to 65mph gusts - wind is ripping right through our street. Very exposed location!) Windows shaking, lampposts wobbling side to side, plant pots with plants still attached flying five feet through the air, tide is coming in so can only imagine all hell will kick off shortly with regards to waves/spray coming up onto the road. Was going to run down to the sea front for a video but that would be a bit too dangerous plus the coastguard is driving up and down the road every 45 minutes. Our one year old son is not enjoying it as he is constantly waking up! I am loving it however and will probably now stand at the window for the next couple of hours! Best storm in a long time!
  5. Looks really stormy tonight - gusts here will be approaching 60mph! Sea is quite rough already - should be some decent waves crashing in about 200 meters from my house which is always fun. (On a slight slope here so no flooding issues apart from the sea front/road beside it - video at the bottom of this page not taken by me of a storm in my street a few weeks after Hurricane Bawbag) @101_North phone is on charge. Very squally hail showers rattling through just now - chance of thunder/lightning tonight as well. So quite a lively weather day/night ahead which I always enjoy! (As long as no-one gets hurt or property badly damaged of course!)
  6. Morning all! Nae snow here on low ground but still a glorious view from the window! Great pictures again in here! See you all for the next chase!
  7. Torrential rain here at the minute - can only imagine the surrounding hills are getting plastered with snow! Be good to actually see them once the low cloud has lifted! A standard Scottish Weather week ahead...
  8. @bigsnow brilliant pictures mate! Good to see a West Ham fan as well! (I have family in London and they are huge fans - crap result yesterday though!) @Polar Gael cracking pictures as well! Crieff is the place to be today! Get the Christmas tree and decorations up guys!
  9. Agreed! Sleety pish here near the West Coast at sea level as usual! Can’t see the surrounding hills because of the low cloud so can’t even enjoy a snowy view! After that glorious spell of warm and sunny weather at the end of Febuary it has put me in the mood for more! (I would welcome some proper snowfall though at any time!) Everyone who has snow - enjoy! Not jealous at all...
  10. Just spent a glorious few days in Aviemore - warm and sunny was the order of the day! We really are lucky to have a place as beautiful as the Highlands in our country/right on our doorstep. My parents used to take me up every year when I was a kid so I thought let’s keep the traditional going with my son. (Just turned 1 year old) Here he is looking delighted to be there! We spent lots of time at Lochan Mor below. Rothiemurchus really is an incredible place - fantastic for a long walk and we had the perfect weather for it. Loch an Eilein was spectacular as always. Loch Morlich has always been my favourite. Reindeers visit is always a must! There was no snowsports to be had up on the Cairngorms unfortunately but I did enjoy the odd snow patch or two! And as I leave...they are in for plenty of snow in the coming days/weeks. (Just my luck) Another memorable Winter visit done and dusted - back again next year to do it all again. Hopefully more of a Winter wonderland next time but I will take the weather we had as a runner up prize anytime.
  11. Lovely sunrise today from the kitchen window. Travelling to Aviemore later for a few days - great weather for it! (Would have preferred snow!!!! ) Have a good weekend all.
  12. Our Edinburgh members have been very quiet today - must have been out enjoying this...
  13. Spot on Gav - still another hour or so to beat the record! Edit:
  14. Feb record indeed! Incredible really. I enjoy this time of the year due to the swings you can get from warm to cold and vice versa. GFS is showing PM air which would pack a punch on ground over 200 meters in the North and West - last minute surprises elsewhere I would imagine if we got very lucky! (If snow is what you are looking for) Edit:
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