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  1. In our new tropical UK climate I don’t think so. SE of England will record a couple of days over 20c with plenty of sunshine in October plus Aviemore/Aboyne and other parts of the Highlands will get another heatwave at the end of February! (I was up in the Highlands during the record breaking spell back in February this year - t-shirt and shorts on the 27/02/2019 with sunshine and 17c! Barely any snow to be seen up at Cairngorm mountain! Bonkers weather! (Wee picture I took below as it was pretty unbelievable to see it so bare at that time of year!) Hopefully the ECM is calling this right with regards to Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Glorious for many of us and I would be looking at 18/19c with sunshine here in the West of Scotland (Metoffice is almost there! ) Have a good Sunday all!
  2. Morning all! A long way out but next Friday, Saturday and Sunday could be warm and sunny... GFS temperature charts below. ECM looks fantastic also! Aviemore, SE Borders and usual hot spots looking at 20/21c next weekend! 18/19c here in the West! Not bad at all! @bigsnow maybe a wee 18/19c for you next weekend! One to keep an eye on! (Please let it be true!)
  3. What I love about this thread is we have members all over the place! North, South, East to West! It means when I am getting drizzle I can usually count on someone to post a picture of a sunny day! @CatchMyDrift being the main person with pictures of his rural countryside paradise of Tuscany...sorry Charterhall! @ciel seems to enjoy lots of bright days also! It’s a bit grim here today - currently 14c and yes...DRIZZLE! Lovely cloud formation today which makes up for the drizzle. (Asperitas clouds) https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/learn-about/weather/types-of-weather/clouds/other-clouds/asperitas Looking forward to next weeks weather! Starts of chilly/dry/sunny spells on Monday with 14c and by Friday it’s dry/sunny spells at 17c. (Hopefully it stays the same - not a bad week at all just the odd shower!) Have a great weekend everyone!
  4. What would you say the NW area is...? (Everyone including myself seem to have it under different parts of the UK ) Its basically bone dry here next week from Monday to Friday. (West of Scotland) Latest GFS charts below and Metoffice in agreement
  5. I will just leave this here... Stick to forecasts that are at most 5 to 7 days away, browse the models/charts yourself/come to own conclusion and most importantly look out the window! The above should keep you sane throughout Winter 2019/20. We live in the UK/Ireland which means we will always be in the draw for cold/snow in Winter. (whether that be a one/two day special or something more sustained)...it’s better than nothing if that is ones preferred weather type. Hopefully every member on this forum gets the desired outcome they crave this Winter - whether it be snow/rain/severe gales/mild or crisp clear frosty days...I wish you all the best! Cheers!
  6. @CatchMyDrift are you pretending you live in Scotland? Everytime I come on here you are posting pictures of a clear blue sky! Just admit that you live in the French or Italian countryside! All joking aside I am very jealous - currently 8c, low cloud, very grey and rain arriving after lunchtime... Outlook for the week is pretty crap for here in the West. Yesterday was decent! 16c and sunny but a bit cool for my liking plus chilly in the shade. (Give me 20c + for proper warmth) Lovely nautical twilight last night! Personally if there is no hope of my preferred warm/hot/convective Summer type weather for a couple/few days this month I would gladly fast forward to late November for a chance of our first sustained cold spell/snowfall! (Repeat of November 2010 would be great! ) Enjoy yer Sunday!
  7. The big issue on this forum is that every single serious discussion thread/topic seems to be hijacked by personal political agendas and casual racism. (No matter what the subject is and it is usually the same bunch of people - hence why 99% of the threads get locked in the end) These threads always become a total farce. I will continue to stick to all the light hearted/model discussion/regional threads and members gallery ect ect as this is much more to my taste/interests in life. Reading this thread and many other of the previous serious discussion threads/topics makes me cringe.
  8. Incredible picture from Jim Edds inside the eye of Dorian on September 2nd. The eye is going to pass right over the webcam below! Don’t think this flag is going to hold on for much longer! Edit: Live camera has gone offline! Currently showing highlights! https://explore.org/livecams/oceans/frying-pan-cam Dorian is also just 35 miles from land! Things could get a bit hairy on Bald Head Island.
  9. It’s all kicking off at the moment and as @karyo mentioned above - serious situation with regards to the coast of South and North Carolina. @fujita5 Indeed! Watching that just now - it’s pretty much lighting up every 5 seconds. Big tornado threat also currently/today. Time for a browse of nearby webcams!
  10. More sunshine than rain today! First time I have said that in a while! Very blustery currently - gusts to 40mph. Quite a few yachts rocking side to side - very choppy out on the water. One or two Lenticular clouds about currently. Really looking forward to a sunny and dry day on Saturday! (Hopefully that does not change) Outlook wise still hoping/praying for a couple of warm/hot sunny days this month - live in hope!
  11. Really is hitting home now - total devastation and horrible eyewitness accounts.
  12. Mr Frost

    August Sunsets 2019

    Gourock, Scotland.
  13. Dorian seems to be looking very healthy on the radar now - wind field expanding, gaining new energy over warm water and could it be heading for a Cat 3 again soon?
  14. Mr Frost

    Lenticular Clouds August 2019

    Gourock, Scotland
  15. Grand Bahama Island still experiencing wind gusts to 155mph! Can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to be hammered by these ferocious winds for such a long time - duration has been unbelievable and it must be hell on Earth for the people living there. Juno Beach, Florida webcam link below. Sustained wind of 47mph and a gust to 58mph reported recently. (As per National Hurricane Centre) https://www.surfline.com/surf-report/juno-pier/5842041f4e65fad6a7708b78
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