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  1. Don’t put your thermals away just yet guys, after the warm Easter usual service is restored
  2. Unbelievable amount of Tadpoles in the pond this spring, you may need to zoom in on the photo to appreciate the number. Almost certainly a bumper breeding season due to an exceptionally mild winter.
  3. It is, but it’s also history in the making. Another chapter.
  4. Perfect day today, pleasant sunshine and lovely feeling temperatures. Please more like this for summer and not those horrible oppressive temperatures we had last summer.
  5. Heavy snow in the Republic of Ireland. Luck of the Irish
  6. LOL, that’s a funny age as all the parents have buggered off and don’t whatch anymore . I coach a under 8’s team and it will be the parents getting soaked taking the goals down. ️
  7. Hopefully get the rainy stuff out the way before proper spring later in the month.
  8. Especially not with the amount of rain we have on the way ️
  9. I’ll have to trade mine in, those gama rays are gonna be strong
  10. Yes it is in full swing, there’s no disputing that now. In 30 years time our kids & grandchildren will be going out in radiation suits in mid summer.
  11. Frogs are currently spawning in the pond about 3-4 weeks early so any freeze up now could be bad for them.
  12. Northern hemisphere temperature anomaly is pretty frightening really, been consistently like this all winter. Scary times indeed. Also Southern Hemisphere for good measure
  13. Another smashing day on the cards with un broken sunshine & mild temps. Probably best to make the most of this week as some much needed rain to top up the reservoirs arrives for the start of March.
  14. Haha, lets hope so Tom although I am a little reluctant to share my weather preferences without the fear of being pounced on . Oh well at least it’s on topic I suppose.
  15. Apart from snow, today is pretty much perfect weather, nice and warm in the sun without being overly hot. Maxes of 20 this summer would be lovely ️
  16. 7.2 digress, southwest wind. May get away with a t shirt today.
  17. Unfortunately SQ I’m a burner I don’t mind the heat just not like it was last year. No fun working outside in it burning down on you all day. No tan lines for you then
  18. Could well be my friend but as long as we don’t get anymore of that grotesque heat this summer I’ll be happy.
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