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  1. The game reflects the weather, dull & boring. you can see gerrards heart is not in it, shame on you pearce.

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    2. Aaron


      Which population, the general public of the UK or weather enthusiasts? Because I can assure you the vast majority of weather enthusiasts certainly don't want mild weather in winter.. why do you think January 2010 is the busiest month on Netweather!? :)

    3. Snowy Easterly

      Snowy Easterly

      agree with aaron i told my dad that there could be an easterly next week and he said im fed up of the cold weather now, i said what cold weather, joe public don;t like snow and cold, us lot do, well except gavin

    4. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      I think a large majority of the general public do prefer warm weather to cold weather. The extent to which it "feels" warm is dependent on more than just temperature, e.g. most would find 5C and calm more pleasant than 8C and windy, but they would also prefer 8C to 5C if all other things were equal. Opinion on snow is pretty polarised though with no clear majority either way.