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  1. It did get very warm last night, woke up in a right old sweat
  2. Great to see the colder 850’s at the end of the run, -16 uppers to usher in autumn as the heat belt gets squeezed back to the mid latitudes.
  3. Bognor !!! I might just do that, love butlins and the footy tournaments down there. Turned out a nice day today perfect British summertime weather, certainly nothing to cry about.
  4. Thank goodness the sun seems to be out this morning and I looks set fair for several days. I can’t believe it was actually cloudy and rained yesterday, and for the second time this week!!!! if the rest of summer and September isn’t 30+ and blue skies I’d definitely consider emigrating to the Congo.
  5. Not a bad day here with temperatures about 21-22 degrees, mostly cloud but occasionally the sun would come out to warm the cockles. Mornings starting to get dark and more Daddy long legs making an appearance
  6. interesting day today weather wise. warm, rainy a bit of sun and a few cracks of thunder much more pleasant to work out in today, rained a bit, put jacket on, job done. Now having a beer in the garden with blue sky and sunny. How I love our British weather
  7. Get over it guys !!! Two rainy days in an otherwise fantastic summer. There’s no pleasing some folk.
  8. Saturday looking a bit brrrrrr
  9. We do need occasional rain even in the summer just to survive, ask the Australians. Unfortunately rain brings cloud and Lower temperatures but it’s still plesent outside and the forecast looks variable with a bit of sun some rain and unfortunately some cloud ️ still decent weather in my book.
  10. Also did you know that the painted Lady and Red Admiral butterflies actually migrate in Autumn back to Africa I find that amazing.
  11. Yeh, I also like the long summer days but love the cosy winter nights with a roaring fire and pint of vodka
  12. I could definitely feel & see signs of autumn today. The swifts that have been flying high and screeching all summer seemed to have headed back on their long journey to Africa with their young. Also last night I saw several Daddy long legs in the garden and it was pretty much dark by 830 Next thing I’ll be looking for are spider webs on the bushes in the morning, always a sure sign. Bring it on
  13. That’s great. like you I love hot weather, just not the oppressive heat we’ve had recently. If everyone liked the same thing this forum would be boring