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  1. Nice car :D

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    2. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      I was very happy at our snow we got tbh wasn’t expecting it so even better ! Felt like a child again waking up to winter wonderland... feb set ups is what interest me more thou ... so anything before that is a bonus imo

    3. shotski


      Exactly, if it wasn’t a notable cold spell then I’m not sure what is ? I’d like to do Iceland followed by Canada one January. Maybe when the kids are older so they remember it. ❄️😍

    4. lassie23


      i had snow 2010 IMBY smug git smiley

  2. It wasn’t a sarcastic response, it was a noticeable cold spell for the British isles. What sort of weather are we expecting ? Still lying snow here as I type.
  3. That’s certainly a “snow blocker” for the Alps, good job they’ve had plenty of early snow this season. Hopefully we’ll be seeing a bit more eye candy in a couple of days.
  4. It certainly looks more interesting than it did at the start of the week but I can’t see anything extreme or deep cold on the cards ? A sort of repeat of what we had last week with an Atlantic Ridge ? Or am I missing something ?
  5. You’ve obviously been unlucky ? had 4inches here over the weekend so the SE certainly got some recent snow. Hopefully your time will come in the new year.
  6. Sorry if it’s been discussed already but does anyone know what this graph is showing ??
  7. Any brain boxes on here know what these charts show ??
  8. But this is probably closer to the truth ☹️🙈
  9. Have to admit not the best chart but certainly not the worst. It would certainly feel cold, crisp and er...even ??
  10. The 00z GFS would have us in a pretty slack SW flow, probably pretty cold for us in the south east but useless for any snow. I was just trying to point out the directional flow on my previous post. 👍
  11. No probs 👍 this is the sort of chart that would bring an easterly to our shores.
  12. Hi mate No I don’t think that would be a fair assumption. If the high formed over France and Spain it would pull in a South westerly as high pressure rotates in a clockwise motion. Low pressure anti clockwise. 👍 ideally we need a high to form to the north east or north west for colder conditions. Tentative indications of this around or after Xmas.
  13. Just out of interest and sorry if off topic but what are your current temperatures over there ?