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  1. Most of the output this morning looks rather flat post day 5 and a little run of the mill. Probably a good sign that a major pattern change is on the way
  2. Totally agree with this, there’s some fantastic posters on there but you need to be careful not to get sucked into the hype.
  3. Extended EPS anomaly charts would appear to back up above, temperatures around average. But if we’re looking at the more reliable time frame, 4-5 days, things certainly look of some interest. The more cold we can get into mainland Europe this week the better our chances going forward.
  4. Probably get more sense in here than on the MAD thread. Hopefully a busy and white winter
  5. Thanks Tom, as always a great read.
  6. Some much needed rain this morning for the southeast of England. Hopefully more to come later this week as well
  7. An extremely cold end to winter and then a record dry and hot summer, could this be the reason for the demise of the Cranefly and it’s possible knock on effects.
  8. Morning All. Has anyone seen any Crane Fly (daddy long legs) yet this year ? I was wondering if the exception dry & hot summer we’ve just had may have impacted on the species seeing as they spend most of their life living as grubs under ground. Another impact of climate change maybe ?
  9. Central heating is a bit like Pringels, one you pop you can’t start stop.
  10. Maybe we’ve already reached that tipping point. It could be a long wait.
  11. Congratulations, enjoy your big day
  12. 30 in October Lassie ? When was that.
  13. Lovely clear skies today and a nice warm feel to things, high pressure close by and.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz hopefuly November brings Us a bit more seasonal weather.