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  1. Maybe we’ve already reached that tipping point. It could be a long wait.
  2. Congratulations, enjoy your big day
  3. 30 in October Lassie ? When was that.
  4. Lovely clear skies today and a nice warm feel to things, high pressure close by and.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz hopefuly November brings Us a bit more seasonal weather.
  5. At last a bit of meaningfull rain tomorrow to top up the dykes
  6. We’re definitely in need of some “usable “ rain now to help the out door activities like football & rugby etc. All the ground around here is still tinder dry and brown grass.
  7. You can definitely smell snow. My Dad could always smell snow coming when we were kids
  8. Personally I love cold & snowy Hate extreme heat & humid love a good wind & rain storm love warm & Sunny as long as it’s not too hot. Grey & cloudy if that annoys anyone then tough.
  9. One post in 18 hours Lovely crisp day again but dare I say it..........in weather terms,it is a little boring. Enjoy the weekend everyone
  10. Latest ECM 46 day forecast keeps the UK below or well below for the entire run from the 29th. Could be time to pack the old flip flops away guys ️
  11. Some much needed rain at last to soften the hard baked ground. Next week looks like it could be some chilly nights with mid to high teens in the day, just perfect
  12. So thankfully the big September heatwave never happened and hopefully we’ll now enter the long road to proper winter. It’s looking like we might get some decent rainfall this week to soften the ground and with all the wind it’s looking quite interesting.
  13. Kids football called off Rugby called off we need rain and lots of it.... I don’t give a monkeys if people want to top up their tan and walk around in flip flops, it’s mid September now so let’s have some seasonable weather. All the best Tom, have a great Day. Enjoy reading your posts.