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  1. Whatching Arsenal is painful 😖 far too slow in attack and so predictable. 

    If our World Cup hopes rely on Welbeck were all snookered. 

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    2. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Did you make their 'knees go all trembly'?:good:

    3. lassie23


      the high street is a good place to be relieved of your belongings, especially at night

    4. shotski


      Made the mistake of staying at a hotel near Wembley arena after a show. OMG what a s**t hole. 

  2. Is money killing the premier league ? Again rows of empty seats and no atmosphere at the emirates despite Wenger leaving. For a decent atmosphere you need to go to one of the smaller clubs or the championship 

    working class supporters being priced out the market at the big clubs for corporate and tourism   



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    2. shotski


      So do film stars 

      whats the difference ?


    3. Ice Man 85

      Ice Man 85

      Well its far cheaper to watch a film on dvd than it is to go to a live football match for one. Its not just football though. Take tennis for example; unless players like federer and venus williams are pushed by another player, then they are often done and dusted within an hour a day. I just don't agree with the ridiculous salaries they get is all. Not when so many people slog their guts out and still struggle to make ends meet.

    4. lassie23


      tennis players should get 60 squid a week

  3. Well I must say that was absolutely tropical today ! Not!!!
  4. A little bit of spring warmth would be most welcome now and well overdue
  5. Not the beast but cousin of the beast second removed..... things always come in 3’s
  6. Is the mother-in-law coming round ??
  7. Just us sad old gits left in here then you always know it’s bad when the comedy weather penis appears. Now that’s what I call a warm front
  8. The cold tends to shrivel them up
  9. Put me down for two large ones please lassie
  10. Pretty much the same all the way to t-360. Maybe a little less intense.
  11. And as if by magic.......... the cold appears. Strong anomaly for the turn of the month.
  12. Fingers crossed they might get into the action.
  13. Not wanting to be a party pooper Tom but I think we’ve seen our lot in the south east for now to me it looks like the precipitation over northern France is weakening fast.
  14. Surely this is very wrong ?? im not expecting anymore snow for my area today. Where do they get their information from.
  15. It’s ok, I call us the Home Counties as well. It gets a bit confusing.