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  1. It turned to rain very quickly here. We maybe had around 30 mins of moderate snow which settled in few spots. Sadly another bust in south Croydon. 2nd March 2018 remains the last time we had full snow cover
  2. Sleet/light snow here in South Croydon. I won’t get the sledge out just yet 🤣
  3. Hey All, not posted here for such a long time. I tend to stick to live snow reports. Guess that shows how terrible it’s been the past couple of years. We had a brief flurry on New Years Day but I’m starting to get concerned that it’s getting harder each passing year to get any kind of laying snow. March 18 was the last time and I don’t regard that as significant snow depths. Let’s hope I’m wrong and we get another shot down the line. Until Europe gets much colder though we are going to struggle
  4. Thunderstorms are the new snow it seems! ?‍♂️?
  5. I’m fairly low elevation at south Croydon but it’s been mostly persistent sleet/rain
  6. Same. Cars driving past with snow on them so it’s clearly settling somewhere locally. Wish it would just pep up.
  7. On off sleet to snow but not sticking at all and never quite heavy enough besides the brief spell earlier. Its all so random.
  8. Mostly rain here with a few flakes. Amazing seeing what other areas to my west have had. Just shows you that you never know what can happen even a few hours out. would obviously love a surprise but it’s so wet here that I just can’t see how if it turns to snow that it would settle. It’s have to be so heavy to stand a chance
  9. Reminds me very much of the 90’s (after 91’s great spell) where there was always so much promise but constantly failed to really deliver in my area. Just having the media and TV forecasts to rely on made it so much more frustrating - I used to sit on teletext waiting for the pixilated weather map to update ? As others have said, we should probably change our thoughts of March as it has proven that in the right set up, it can deliver decent cold and snow. I also think that at some point the models will flip to our favour and surprise us by showing milder to sudden cold. One day ? Am I t
  10. Weather apps are showing snow from early afternoon to 1am. Appreciate that it’ll be too warm to settle but didn’t think it was going to snow at all after this morning
  11. South Croydon- looks like it’s raining here. Probably had a couple of cms at 4am but a lot has already melted since then, so it doesn’t even look pretty. Not moaning - snow is snow. I’m sure we will eventually get a snow event that’s more what we are after.
  12. Always good to get any kind of snow but last night didn’t scratch my itch. It was too wet and looked like a thaw This morning it was interesting to see how much difference elevation makes. I live in a relatively low level for my area so I often see cars driving past from up the road with far more snow on them. Last night cars had settled snow on them before it had started to settle outside my house. What was different was my walk to the station. Just a few minutes walk but very slightly downhill - barely noticeable. Even that short distance made a huge difference in the snow. We ha
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