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  1. Roger, I think that we lost the anvil level winds... We were in Broken bow and was on the first radar blip but we were then pulled over by the police! We were just over the speed limit and let off with a warning - however 20 munities had passed so we were behind the storm. skip forward many hours and we were investigating the then tornado warned tail end cell south of Loop city, NW (09:00pm). Impressive structure and at 09:30pm we observed a 2 minute tornado south of Farwell.
  2. Hi all – We (Alistair chapman and I) are not streaming this year as we have a limit on the data card and we are on a budget! We pick up severe cells around Lemasa, TX quite early (14:30) and followed them down to Sterling City, TX of the next 7 hours – we saw impressive structure (again!) and also a brief but confirmed rope tornado out of Sterling city, We also observed a large dust crown north of Garden city (was reported as a muti-vortex) but with out any visible condensation. We will target West Texas today – if I was younger I would be hauling up to North Dakota to set up for t
  3. Very Sad news has emerged that Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras and Carl Young were all killed in the El Reno Oklahoma Tornado on Friday night. All of these were vertern chasers Tim (30 Years) Both tim and Carl always made of point of talking to me and were interest in UK tornadoes. I am too stunned for words to post any more. Attached is an image from 2006 with tim showing me his ground braking tornado probes.
  4. I Would like to attend - does any one want to split fuel costs from the Midlands? i am based in North Leicestershire.
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