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  1. First major snowfall I have noticed for the season. Not sure if it'll hang about to begin creating a base for the Colorado resorts whilst in the Canadian Prairies the temps could hit a high of 90F mark including major cities like Calgary, AB, Regina SK and possible Saskatoon! Look: http://www.accuweath...ler=0&article=1 Wednesday could see near record-tying high temperatures for Calgary, AB??? Surely a maximum temp of 33°C - (92°F) for autumn is quite remarkable now surely if not unheard of? - See below: Both AccuWeather and CBC Calgary weather forecasts the same temps as seen below! http://www.cbc.ca/ca...r/s0000047.html http://www.worldweat.../056/c00622.htm I do remember last year Banff and Canmore had already experienced sub-zero temps with frost and snow by this time!
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