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  1. Sun continually hazy, being interrupted by strips of high-ish cloud acting like the sun’s a magnet... yet acres of blue sky surrounding it. Anyone know the meteorological reason for this?
  2. Minus 3 inches and counting... Have been so close to the action both Tuesday, Thursday and today, yet close but definitely no cigar. Frustrating times for us south-east Londoners. Bring on a proper long-fetch easterly!
  3. Looks to be heading to the north-west, anti clockwise from the SE. According to the NW radar.
  4. Confrontational? Not so. Am merely balancing out your comment as to why there's been so many SE posters in here.
  5. It's the capital. It's bound to make news. Having said that, the news always report on notable snow events around the country. And come on, what do you expect when there's a channel low forecast?
  6. Not defensive at all. And yes, I did read that. But your comment implies we were somehow skewing the models simply because of our location, which is not the case. The models have consistently shown a channel low giving widespread snow to the south. And people have merely commented accordingly.
  7. The models are showing snow for the south. It's a channel low. What else do you expect to read?
  8. Sadly, Exeter have nearly always proved spot on in these type of set ups.
  9. So true. Remember well the Radio 4 evening forecast (95?) that said ‘if it’s not snowing where you are now, it soon will be.’ It was that nailed on. Woke up to nothing but miserable drizzle here in London.
  10. Totally agree, John. One of the main skills required on here, as well being able to interpret the models and almost as tricky, is reading between the lines and the subsequent filtering required of certain posters. Nine years in and think I've just about got the balance right. Anyhow, looking at the models going forward, hoping the high does build back in as suggested, which will make the current influx of polar maritime air more tolerable. Not quite ready for autumn just yet.
  11. So the low on the 00z that Ice Cold shows being 'bang slap' over us for Sat 1st is gone by the Sunday?
  12. Beautiful late afternoon and evening now that pesky mid-level cloud has disappeared and just a few cirrus line the sky; feels more like an evening on the Med. Happy for a cooler spell - difficult to work at home with no air con and the added temptation to get outside and make the most of the amazing weather. On a literary note, heatwaves always have me reaching for The Go-Between, a fabulous novel written in 1953 and set in the UK summer of 1900 about a young boy in love with the heatwave who, for those of you who haven't read it, is desperate to see temperature reach 100°F. Can only assume that LP Hartley, who wrote it, must have been something of a weather obsessive, so interesting to see that it's East Anglia, where The Go-Between is set, will probably get closest to 100°F tomorrow.
  13. Don't panic, we live in a temperate climate evidenced by recent horror show summers where June, July and particularly August have been grey, cool and very soggy. I'm sure our normal summer weather of 'two fine days and a thunderstorm' will be back next year.
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