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  1. Looks like I should've stayed at work if I was wanting to get the full easterly experience Amazing totals in the central belt, really superb stuff. It's been a fairly decent evening, nothing lasting too long yet but fairly heavy when it has fallen and relatively frequent. This next line looks very impressive from here and I did see the thundersnow earlier so here's hoping the snowless pockets get filled in tonight
  2. I'd describe the intensity of the snow here as 'it's thinking about it'. Slightly worried that we're somehow going to end up slightly too far north for this streamer but we'll see...
  3. Me too - there's been a streamer no more than 2 miles to the north of here yet no more than a few flakes have reached the ground since 12.30pm. There's a lot of bright echoes in that stream and it does look very promising so here's hoping!
  4. The max here so far was -2.2C (reached at 9am, it's been below -3C since 10am) which I'm fairly certain is our lowest, certainly the lowest since I changed weather stations a few years back. There was maybe a day in 2009/10 which matched it but it's incredibly impressive given the hours of daylight. The radar is starting to pep up just to our north so we might be in business soon...
  5. There's a slight lull in proceedings here as the Forth snow monster gobbles up the showers and sends them hurtling through the Central Belt. I'm not too worried though - for a start we've already done pretty well (hard to get a level depth because of the drifting but my average depth was 13cm, as low as 8cm in places and as high as 20cm in some drifts) but also both the EURO4 and the NMM take the zone of prolonged pasting northwards from around 3-4pm while there's still easily enough to keep the fun going in the southern part of the red warning area. This is a very slow moving, intense feature hence the red warning but if you're a bit north of it I still think you should be in for a decent snowfall later on this evening and into tomorrow.
  6. Well I'm off to bed now, another really heavy shower coming through at the moment although not quite as squally as the last one. I thought it could be impressive but the depths we've reached so far here in such a short space of time have been incredible and this is only the start of the proper snow potential.
  7. I can vouch for that - absolutely glorious powder snow blowing every which way. Snow watching at its absolute best although I'd hate to be out in that for a prolonged period of time (oddly I never experience a properly massive powder snowfall when I was over in Stockholm although it was damn cold for most of the winter). I should also add that the wind direction definitely shifted on that - the last blob we had came at us from south of St Andrews whereas previously it was making landfall to its north.
  8. -3.3C and snowing down here, oddly we might have more snow than you for once but it's also going to be tough getting a proper depth measurement here because of the drifting.
  9. Edinburgh looks like it's taking a bit of a pasting from this shower by the looks of the radar (although having lived there long enough I know there's no guarantee it's actually reaching the ground). It's certainly reaching the ground here though - moderate to heavy stuff and looks like it could be a relatively long shower
  10. I'd think you should still be well positioned, your location lucked out a bit with the streamers tonight but West Lothian also does well from straight easterlies so I reckon you should still get a pasting tomorrow as well
  11. This next line of showers has at least a chance of making a pretty large dent in the Perth and Edinburgh snawshields - it's taking a slightly different trajectory and looking even more intense than the last few...
  12. There's just been a bit too much of a northerly component this evening for you folks. I wouldn't be too worried though - the temperature's absolutely perfect (-3C) and once the wind direction shifts due east the showers will be streaming down the Tay direct to your house I'm sure
  13. I think the problem is this: Dundee and Fife (and Motherwell's) shower line is coming directly from the ENE, the line that's hitting the northeast of England and now the eastern Borders is coming directly from the North East, and your snow is... well, being diverted to either Shuggee or myself This is going to change once this line out in the North Sea moves inland and your snow shield will relent... Or maybe not but you never know
  14. Picture of the outside (although with a bit of a reflection there, sadly I haven't quite managed to optimise my lamp post capabilities to that extent)
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