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  1. Fancy dress party last night eerrrrrr, sore head today

  2. veiwing NW with my new inspiron mini 10 , great bit of kit.

  3. Dont let them get to ya fella.

  4. Thanks Alpine Glow, luv the name.Catch ya FF

  5. Bland birthday weather for me today. O well a couple beers tonight should put that right.

    1. Alpine glow

      Alpine glow

      Happy birthday.. it is mine too :)

  6. Have a good one monday .

  7. Hello young dryas!

  8. Arsenal beat Chelsea 3-1,Chelsea beat Ipswich 7-0, so Arsenal should win 10-1. simmmmples

    1. Paul Sherman
    2. Paul B

      Paul B

      Well, you got the 1 right hehe!

    3. AtlanticFlamethrower


      Aston Villa reserves just beat Arsenal reserves 10-1. Villa supporter here :)

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  9. Havin a good one?

  10. mite have you mixed up with someone else! sorry

  11. Hi buzzit, did you watch the darts on my2p2.eu the another night? cheers chris.

  12. Excellent and balanced posts nick,Always Worth a read.Thanks chris.

  13. Thanks for answering.

  14. Lewis wins 7-5,and hit 20 180s

    1. andy_leics22


      20 180's? Wtf lol

    2. sunny scunny

      sunny scunny

      he's a great player when he's in the mood lol.

    3. Fozfoster


      obviously not your game Andy. lol

  15. LEWIS just done a 9 darter

    1. odd_bob_todd


      In that case I hope he cleaned up after himself.

    2. Fozfoster


      lewis/anderson will go all the way to i think.Are you watching it?

    3. sunny scunny

      sunny scunny

      ive not got sky anymore.is that the final? if so who knocked taylor out.

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  16. I knew you would be luving that beast mid month, lets have it!

  17. Quality post steve, now if thats as good as my darts and dancing. Houston we have a problem.

  18. i never get !!!!! lol

  19. Good UKMO and GFS 12zs getting colder, like you said CC

  20. Like your posts JM.

  21. NO, one word. sorry .

  22. Great post last night steve.Helping me see through the fog of it all! Chris.

  23. LOL or stop drinking port.Merry Christmas.

  24. Happy Christmas all. Snow cover and -12.7c

  25. Pink snow!! White and occasionally yellow yes. catch ya.

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