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  1. Your right!! 1.45 - red indian 6.20- unison sorry tom not sure what happened there
  2. 2.25- momella 3.00- petit mouchairs 3.40- paper lantern 4.20- Sam spinner NAP 5.25- captain redbeard THANKS for your time Tom. Enjoyed it. Foz
  3. I’m worried now KW, all my selections are different to yours!
  4. Day two 1.45- who dares wins 2.20- vision des flos 2.50- Terrefort- NAP 3.25- Balko des flos 4.05- o o seven 4.40- Chef des obeaux 5.15- Pym thanks Foz
  5. Aintree 12 april 18 1.45- Renes Girl 2.20- We Have A Dream 2.50- Definitly Red 3.25- Supasundae 4.05- Unioniste 4.40-Sizing Platinum 5.15- Cedar Valley NAP Supasundau Cheers Foz.
  6. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/uk/10-day looking cold here for Easter
  7. Had very very light snow here for two hours which has left a dusting
  8. Just done 20 miles on the towpath Had more pictures but can’t upload
  9. Just about to look out the window ...... light snow and just a dusting
  10. Someone’s find the keys to the snow shield in Warwick
  11. Well bugger all here and never is ,off an easterly, however good!! Sorry. Enjoy the rest of you
  12. Looked out the window, you guessed it....... nothing as yet.
  13. Off to Cheltenham next week, could we see snow?
  14. The only snow left here is the snow from clearing the path and drive. . I suppose to of had and lost is better than to never of had at all.
  15. Suns out......... still have snow cover but melting fast..................
  16. This was December 10 2017 a bit more then. Best winter round here for a long time.
  17. Morning all, -1.5c here , got about 5 inches of snow . Been a very good cold snap. Sad In a way it’s the last day. Foz
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