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  1. Hi Tom really busy at work at the moment. If I can I may do the racing but golf...... nope I’m not a fan. Thanks for the invite though. Cheers foz
  2. Find some internet in a bar but cant do that everyday so i will seat this one out thanks. But first race Boom the Groom. lol
  3. Hi Lassie, i like the football bets best!! my fav is a double on draws; its about a 10/1 double. been doing them for about 7 years now and so far have always made a good profit. Foz
  4. Im away in norfolk that week, so i will see. Internet is poor where i will be !!
  5. Morning all, Had a bit more time this morning so hopefully do a bit better!! 1.50 oeil de tigre 2.25 platitude 3.00 sun maiden NAP 3.40 reputation foxtrot lady 4.15 sky defender 4.50 chai chai 5.25 poetic force thanks again Tom and good luck all. Foz
  6. Here we going, these bad boys should/hopefully put me back on top. 1.50 mirage dancer 2.25- threading 3.00-south seasNAP 3.35- battaash 4.10- port of leith 4.40- dans dream 5.15- groveman Galway 7.55- spider web 8.25- go on again. Good luck all
  7. 1.50- aljellaby 2.25- pilaster NAP 3.00- land force 3.35- urban fox 4.10- cupboard love 4.45- deira surprise 5.20- kick on kick on GALWAY 4.35- blazer cheers Tom. Foz
  8. None runner 2.25 Baileys excelerate so its CORGI please. Oh and 7.20 Galway should read Jury Duty . Ps got bets on today so will do rubbish i bet .
  9. Morning all. Goodwood. 1.50- lmphal 2.25- baileys excelerate 3.00- queen of bermuda 3.35- expert eye NAP 4.10-ovarry beach 4.45-magnolia springs 5.55-medieval galway 7.20 jury post
  10. Dont go there, just got home but where i was working NO INTERNET so a little Tuted off Going back last two so they will run like pigs now
  11. Here we go Tom NAP. 1.50-alfarris 2.25-drogon 3.00-sir dancealot 3.35-torcedor 4.10-watan 4.45-poyie vinnie 5.15-cavatina thanks for your efforts Tom. Foz
  12. Wet spots falling from the sky, can someone explain?
  13. Just picked up your message Tom thanks but no thanks. But I do have Finsbury square e/w
  14. Punchestown, count me in. ps Tom I look forward to my John Smiths in the post.
  15. Lol course not, first three races they were placed so getting a bit excited then .... well you can guess the rest
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