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  1. Good post, i think the mods are a bit twichy tonight. foz

  2. Hi ya, keep them posts coming fella SENSATIONAL.

  3. Hi ya, like reading your posts, may not understand all but the fog is slowly clearing!! cheers

  4. Hi ya, like reading your posts.Keep them coming. cheers

  5. hi fella, like your posts and good luck with the competition

  6. Was it 265 to beat 2008s total of spotless days steve B. cheers
  7. Very intresting, like the pictures to.
  8. Intresting posts again Mr_Data, Keep them coming.
  9. Maybe oneday we will get the chance to find out.
  10. If that happened now i think the uk would shut down.
  11. Good one , even i can understand some of it cheers
  12. If this is to be the case , Were does this minimum compare .
  13. Arrrrr yes. Delta X-Ray have we lost 30% of the NAD, if so then things will surely cool down! sorry if off topic
  14. Anyone know if the 1972 seahorse flare affected the world weather.
  15. hi TEITS miss your model output comments.

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