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  1. The further south the better. We may get a dusting
  2. Sorry to be the doom merchant here but I said it was slipping away gfs 10 day yesterday’s and today i will get my coat...............Foz
  3. For balance, the met Office has upgraded from 2 hours light snow to 5 hours light snow
  4. Proof from GFS it’s be coming less of an event 18z and this mornings 00z 10 day.
  5. Yes VC that’s why the glass is always half empty with snow for our location foz
  6. The low is tracking further south sorry. I would love to be wrong but the met Office have been pretty good for Warwick! Some people will see snow and good luck in that. But it’s getting less and less for here foz
  7. Well thanks 252 that’s the best it gets !!!!! Downgrading last three days from heavy snow for 5 hours to a dusting if lucky. The met Office got it spot on Tuesday so why not tomorrow Foz
  8. What did BFTP say winter of discontent yep he was right. ...... fead up with this winter. Foz
  9. Yep same has last none event (Tuesday) downgrading as we get closer to T0
  10. Yep as per...............snow chances slipping away for Warwick as we get closer........
  11. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-16.51,58.79,447/loc=-73.252,33.936 This one?
  12. looking like what i thought earlier.............
  13. I think today the front comes in to early (daylight) so warmer uppers. Rain to back edge snow. Hope I’m wrong but that’s it for Warwick. Should have better luck elsewhere. Foz
  14. weather warning for snow just gone out for midlands Tue/Wed from Met Office.
  15. Yes i agree snowfields (love that word) would defo keep temps down........
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