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  1. Initial burst here in Locks Heath of heavy sleet with thunder and lightning to boot.
  2. I can there is no turning you! But you are correct in that you must never get excited about a snow event until it is virtually upon you. Just watch the BBC forecast on the morning of the Jan 2010 event, they got the snow but the areas worst hit weren't predicted until it was pretty much happening...
  3. Don't give up yet. The models all have the low on a slightly different track, yes it may go Pete Tong but it is too early to write it off.
  4. The ukmo is sticking to pretty good for us. Even somewhere between the two would probably work. I just hope the gfs is heading in the wrong direction
  5. you'll be fine. Outside lane and stand on the accelerator with hazard lights on.
  6. Not the best of set ups for south coast, very different to the awesome event Jan 2010. The wind that supplies the fuel is the very thing that will hurry it through. Blink and we may miss it. Still, subtle changes could make a significant difference.
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