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  1. Lovely here in Greenwich, had a walk in the park too. Think the front is starting to pivot too.
  2. Mixed snow and grapel here in Greenwich, but slowly more snow and heavier.
  3. Can't believe how well the dew points are doing.. High Wickham was -0.7 half an hour ago, now - 1.4.. City Airport still - 2
  4. Well if anyone still up with me the dew points seemed to have dropped a little in the past hour London City Airport down to - 2
  5. Back to sleet in Greenwich, so an improvement indeed.. Fingers crossed for the more
  6. My guesstimate is about 4.30am arrival in London. Hope it slows though
  7. That is what I said earlier, but some aren't letting the warm vector in and hence lower dew points. This is what Aidan at Met Office hinted at as the front may stall or slow so much the cold undercuts and more snow for us. Frontal snow is notoriously difficult to forecast and now just a case of wait and see.
  8. That was my fault, can't read them on my mobile.. Here's GFS, but if run the models you can clearly see the warm sector diving south east.
  9. Something interesting to look out for is that a few of the models don't have the warm sector reaching London and diving south east as it gets here.. So we keep the cooler air. In fact most only major that doesn't is Mets Fax Charts.. So either they right of egg on their face time.
  10. Your looking too early, all the models for casting it to arrive now after 10am
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