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  1. Premier League Discussion

    Indeed.. Chelsea and man city wouldn't have been so successful if it wasn't for the oil money. The European cup (aka 'Big Ears') still eludes man city though despite all their wealth.
  2. Premier League Discussion

    I don't know how we haven't scored in the last few games.. So frustrating
  3. Premier League Discussion

    Terrible news.. Hopefully this is a blessing in disguise for chamberlain and to show he belongs at this level.
  4. Premier League Discussion

    I'm just playing - It's gonna be a really tough game for us... It'll probably be another borefest.
  5. Premier League Discussion

    If this had been a Liverpool player Nick would be making a fuss over it. Well done to Pochettino for condemning it. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/news/‘alli-has-a-major-flaw…-he-can’t-stop-cheating’-–-ex-premier-league-ref-poll/ar-AAsN3uX?li=AA572I&ocid=spartanntp
  6. Premier League Discussion

    Manchester utd at home this weekend - first decent attack they'll face this season and we'll find out how invincible they really are
  7. Premier League Discussion

    At least they've got history - What's your deadbeat team got? Stuck in the same position year after year playing cavemen football.. Btw I'm chilled
  8. Premier League Discussion

    Only an idiot would compare Villa with Liverpool.. Who's the most successful English team in Europe again?
  9. Favourite Inventions!

    that's not an invention
  10. I wasn't sure where to put this but plastic waste has reached epidemic proportions and scientists from china and Pakistan might have found a solution to the problem. http://www.ibtimes.com/plastic-eating-fungus-found-pakistan-garbage-dump-2593226
  11. EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    I have to agree with cm.. I think they should withdraw teams participating in European competitions.
  12. Earthquake Activity Thread

    This has all been prophesied in the book of revelation - catastrophic events have already begun... The beginning of the end of the world as we know it.
  13. Premier League Discussion

    Easy next few games for palace.. c'mon the eagles!
  14. Premier League Discussion

    That's what I meant.
  15. Premier League Discussion

    LFC are appealing the red card with the meeting set for tomorrow - good