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  1. I like Perturbation 20. http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gefs_cartes.php?ech=6&code=20&mode=0&carte=0
  2. The JMA appears to be more amplified to our N/NE at 192 with the low held out further west..
  3. Premier League Discussion

    We don't.. We've been unbeaten since Oct so we haven't been that bad at defending.. All you need is one commanding CB who is vocal to lift the players around him. We do need a new GK though
  4. Premier League Discussion

    Probably my favourite player after Salah.. His work rate, his first touch is first class, not to forget he's also very strong for his build..Very underrated.
  5. Premier League Discussion

    They probably will knowing us
  6. Premier League Discussion

    Well, the stats tell a different story.. we've only lost twice in the league and both was against teams in the top five. Swansea away next.. We'll see if you're right
  7. Premier League Discussion

    We have.. His name is Virgil. We've played against a great attacking side today that had been unbeatable
  8. Premier League Discussion

    Can you see into the future..? Besides, we've just invested heavily in one of the best defenders in the league Our attack got all the praise but I thought Robertson was superb today..
  9. Premier League Discussion

    The kid is clearly mentally/emotionally inept .. I very much doubt Bobby racially abused him..
  10. Premier League Discussion

    No thanks..
  11. Premier League Discussion

    Lanzini would be great.. Mahrez even better
  12. Premier League Discussion

    Yeah.. A good keeper is very much needed and like you say.. if we manage to get Keita in early it'd be great. The only problem is he would be ineligible to play CL for us.. I think we should get another creative player in for that competition.
  13. Premier League Discussion

    I agree.. Ultimately it was his desire to leave and we got a great amount for him.. Shame because he would have been good in the CL.
  14. Premier League Discussion

    Just makes no sense for him to go now..
  15. Premier League Discussion

    You're starting to like Moyes now?