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  1. It's on the BBC as well - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40164572 I'll believe it when it actually happens.
  2. It appears Liverpool's won the race to sign Virgil..http://www.empireofthekop.com/2017/06/05/journo-reveals-private-chat-with-van-dijk-great-news-for-lfc-fans/ The bookmakers have suspended the market for the transfer following reports that a Saint’s defender was close to joining.
  3. St James Park will be a tough place to go and play. I think you'll have a good season and finish in the top eight with Mr Benitez.. maybe even higher
  4. He might want higher wages??
  5. I'm down for that. Lassie, what you saying? he won't be able to do the trial without a head.
  6. . It's ok.. I'll pass on that one. I think we should get lassie to trial it first.
  7. It is, I'd rather just do the surgery, because as soon as you stop using regaine you lose any hair you did gain
  8. I'm sure that only thickens the little strands you have left.. It doesn't actually make it grow back.
  9. Is there any chance in the near future I could get my hair to grow back?
  10. Yeah, I agree... it's minor in comparison to other nations but it's the typical mindset of football fans all over.
  11. Shame we can't say the same about their fans. http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/683/main/2017/03/23/33927022/england-fans-slammed-after-10-german-bombers-chants?ICID=HP_FT_1
  12. Beef and onion all the time
  13. I couldn't agree more with that sentiment because if you watch it again, you'll see it was actually Zlatan who attempted to stamp on Mings first and then went down clutching his leg like he'd been hurt badly.. If he hadn't been play acting on the ground Mings would never have stepped on him.
  14. Not that I care anymore but great result Let's see if we turn up against arsenal
  15. It's the energy spilling out SE of Greenland that always scuppers our chances of getting proper cold uppers.