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  1. Premier League Discussion

    He's a bit similar to Pulis with the way he sets his teams up, It'll probably work out for you..
  2. Premier League Discussion

    Big Sam's still available..?
  3. Hopefully the two lows north and south of the Azores will merge and drag some waa which should help sustain the blocking?
  4. A lot of snow for Scottish highlands with this chart I'd imagine..
  5. Yeah, I don't see bartlett at all.. The lows appear to be mainly west to east but also at times on a slight NW to SE trajectory so I would say a transition from cool to colder weather at times
  6. I agree with you and the models aren't always right but, 2010 I'm sure the met office did state the greater chance of the weather turning colder late November onwards?
  7. England Football Team

    It is used to monitor a player. It monitors everything from heart rate to how much distance the player covered, max speed achieved, etc. Worn during matches and training as well, the jacket also helps ascertain if a player is at a risk of an injury. It isn't full proof, but the technology keeps evolving. You can have a look here : Football - GPSports | Global Positioning Systems Did you watch the second half?..They played a lot better and won the world cup.. I thought they did well considering the heat and humidity in India.
  8. Premier League Discussion

    Klopp needs to sort our defence.. Not going to win anything otherwise. Ps.. We'll still beat the cave man team West Brom though.
  9. Premier League Discussion

    Well done the spuds..It only took them five years to get anything off us.
  10. Woke up to a bright morning with a calm breeze. What happened to the storm?
  11. Premier League Discussion

    Indeed.. Chelsea and man city wouldn't have been so successful if it wasn't for the oil money. The European cup (aka 'Big Ears') still eludes man city though despite all their wealth.
  12. Premier League Discussion

    I don't know how we haven't scored in the last few games.. So frustrating
  13. Premier League Discussion

    Terrible news.. Hopefully this is a blessing in disguise for chamberlain and to show he belongs at this level.
  14. Premier League Discussion

    I'm just playing - It's gonna be a really tough game for us... It'll probably be another borefest.