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  1. Nice looking charts on the ECM but the cold uppers are lacking.. Just cold rain..atm.
  2. The GFS still showing pressure rising to our NE but this time a bit different to this mornings run.. Maybe one last shot at a proper snowy spell I like the UKMO 144hr chart in how it manages to amplify that area to the NE better than the GFS at the same time.
  3. I wouldn't have a problem with no Internet for a day or two, but I have a big family and some are in different countries, so the Internet makes it easier to keep it touch with all of them.
  4. Yeah, you should've rested it from that knock, but anyway... Gonna go get ready for work - nice chatting with you
  5. That's a bad injury.. how did that happen then?
  6. We usually do as we get older.. I played as a winger/attacker until around 33/34 then moved back to playing at the back since.. My main position now though is right/left back. My age is slowly catching up with me now - any injuries I get seems to take longer to heal. I done my gluteus a few years back and it's still affects me when I sprint .. Right now I have problems with my feet.
  7. Ok.. I see they've not been doing too bad lately, having reached the FA cup second round for the first time their history. What position did you play?
  8. That we're back above you.
  9. You're just frustrated
  10. We're back..
  11. I sense a Lucas comedy show in the second half
  12. Sitting here watching the football and the lamp post at the same time