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  1. The GEM manages a split vortex in a favourable position going forward..😮😍
  2. D.V.R

    UEFA Champions League

    Like Fernandinho..
  3. It's pretty sad that proper wintery weather can evade these shores during a blocked winter.. It sucks!!
  4. I know that - it's just frustration on my part and I can moan if I want..🤫
  5. Same old crap every winter.. Atlantic lows just blast away everything and we're left with dull boring weather🤦🏽‍♂️
  6. Not on it's own.. The Icon and GfsP also show blocking building to our East👍🏼
  7. Ecm not backing down and we're back under cold 850s as soon as Monday🙂
  8. In winter, there is more of a temperature difference between the equator and poles so the jet stream is stronger and flows over the UK but the whole thing is complex so it could be the oceans. I think it would be better to ask somebody more knowledgeable in the climate thread👍🏼
  9. I don't think it's the lack of cold but the strength of the jet stream that has got stronger over the years making it harder for any ridges to build favourable for our benefit.. It's harder for any Scandinavian ridges to back West like it used to. I think somebody posted some anomaly charts of the jet stream over past decades which showed how much it's strengthened.
  10. It must have been.. the snow settling now has a glistening look about it - powder snow👍🏽
  11. Good stuff - especially because of where you are👍🏽 It does look like it's narrowing.
  12. Pavements turning white again 🙂