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  1. UEFA Champions League

    they did beat man u
  2. I don't need to go to the model thread to express my thoughts about snow over Christmas
  3. Lol.. Yeah, it's been a while since we had snow that lasted.
  4. Yeah.. I was hoping we'd see some over the Christmas period.
  5. I hate it when it snows but doesn't settle.. and it might be the last snowfall this year
  6. Doesn't matter if the grounds wet, it'll settle if the dew points are low enough.
  7. Still snowing here but it's light now with a small covering.
  8. Most surfaces back to white again
  9. Getting some proper thick flakes
  10. Back to pure moderate snow now..
  11. Starting to get some big flakes again..
  12. It's turned back to sleety rain.
  13. I can't post pictures but its settling on most surfaces now.
  14. Snowing steadily and covering on car windscreens