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  1. Indeed, but I still think it does have an influence on folks.. maybe the ones that harbour a hidden prejudice and have now been empowered by right-wing politics.. Or, maybe I need to shut up now?
  2. On the evidence of what I've seen over the last couple of weeks, months, years I would say we have gone backwards with regards to eradicating racism or homophobia.. So yes, we have gone back to the dark ages.
  3. You really think Trump didn't galvanise the closet racists/xenophobes/ with his hate speeches? I know racism was always there, but I don't remember this many incidents of blatant racism in football grounds before all the right wing propaganda.. It's funny how you don't seem to think it's becoming a problem when the players and ex players are saying totally different?
  4. The recent rise is a result from the rhetoric about immigration from political leaders around the world... It's a resurgence of right-wing politics.. Trump is the biggest culprit, he was their spokesman, a hero and all these undercover racists/xenophobes cheered him on, so (sadly) it's no surprise they have a voice again.
  5. Instead of beast from the east.. We could be in for some breast from the west?
  6. Nah.. 144h isn't reliable at all. A dreaded shortwave will spawn in the wrong place as soon as we get into hi res and drive us all crazy.. We've seen it happen so many time over the years.
  7. Thank you, but what does it mean or, what happens when the coupling takes place?
  8. Hi, Would you mind explaining what the graphs are showing?
  9. Indeed.. The season is long and a lot of points to play for, so for me there are four teams involved in this title race imo.
  10. This may cause the weak hearted to faint VID-20191104-WA0005.mp4
  11. I've always thought strikers were supposed to get the benefit of the doubt to make football more entertaining
  12. Guardiola's starting to become obsessed with us.. accusing Mane of being a diver when he has a team that commit a lot of tactical fouls and full of divers, what a hypocrite
  13. I can't make sense of what you've written... and who runs like a fat man in a pub side football?
  14. Lovren is a liability, makes me nervous every time he plays. Fabinho was superb today and should've got MOTM instead of Mane.
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