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  1. It will be busy in here in the morning !!!
  2. I’m always lurking and hoping for snow!! prefer cold til mid April
  3. Cool morning , not quite cold , could be a mundane weather week !!
  4. Mild temps really feel quite chilly in strong gusty wind!!!!
  5. Had patches of snow in my north facing front garden past mid April
  6. Beautiful sunny winters day hard frost this morning wind picked up through the day and really made it feel cold , frost again already and everything icing up . Snow patches surviving can they last until Monday ???
  7. Sad the Black Country / West mids / midlands has missed out , although still got tiny patches on front lawn from Tuesday ! im happy for the usually snow starved folk in the south west . Nearly a foot of snow If we’re all honest the West mids usually has several snow falls every year !!! Cheshire gap / frontal. Strong east winds , even troughs in unstable northerlies,
  8. Even in the very poor winter of 15/16 i got falling and a partial covering of snow twice in early April !!
  9. Heavy flurry in centre of brum 30 mins ago
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