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  1. Bit more hail earlier 20/25 mins ago !! Feels nippy out again , this is the last hurrah I feel now , surely
  2. I’d say 150 m this afternoon as the wife reported snow at home 500ft pretty decent effort for early may !
  3. Sleet and snow in may , has it technically snowed every month this year Can it snow in June again ?
  4. What an amazing day weather wise log burner back on
  5. Surely this April is close to the record for number of frosts ? Surely the most of the last 6 months also
  6. Another spring frost this morning , lovely clear blue skies crisp air , mist cracking start to the day
  7. Another frost this morning ..... but after the coming weekend it could be the last of the frosts .....
  8. Heard the snow start around midnight , accompanied with a gusty wind , was surprised by another covering this morning . travelling east this morning there was no covering after east of Lichfield ! people west of me (pelsall) must have faired ok
  9. Well the fluffy snowflake heavyish 10 min shower at 5 pm was a sight to behold on a warm April afternoon if we get more tomo or that’s our lot it has been a blast !!! perhaps this will be the modern year without a summer
  10. Snow in the sunshine in the middle part of the day in April is bonkers FACT
  11. That’s very impressive surprise April snow depths
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