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  1. Well woke to another covering of snow 7/8 days on a row snow has fell or been on the ground mustn't grumble folks
  2. About 3 cm fresh snow still coming down thick shame it's almost over looking at radar 😕
  3. Pepping up again had 1-2 cm in half hour
  4. Ground covered now all surfaces This is awsomne for once marginal tips the snow way 👍👍
  5. heavy snow massive flakes get in 🍾❄️❄️❄️❄️
  6. Sleeting almost snow 😳❄️🍻🍻👍
  7. Yes could be , should be a fair amount this time next week as high for the week is 3 deg at the mo ....
  8. Snow pepping up again now !!! the never ending snow day ....
  9. Just 14 days to keep trickling on 😂
  10. Will it ever stop what a day