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  1. snowed Heavy around 3am so 6 months in a row of falling snow ,shame we didn’t get the all day snow that looked likely a few days ago , great winter and early spring for snow
  2. Absolutely dismal weather before the rain today it felt like mid winter , 5 deg with a keen windchill even so hoping for snow to fall Monday to give 6 yes 6 Calender months in a row of falling snow ......,
  3. Sleet about 20 mins ago in Walsall
  4. More sleet and snow after midnight tonight anyone ?
  5. Think it will snow a few more times before mid April , don't know about another event , i.e. More than a covering ,
  6. Can't win em all Good luck to all south and west of here
  7. Must be on very northern limit , I've even walked to bottom of my garden another 100ft or so south And set my neighbours security light on .... and not a flake spotted
  8. 20th and 21st Jan ( sat and sun )) both had 3/4 hours of falling snow and left a good covering
  9. Really ? How far south of me are you I've got nothing
  10. A tad exciting again !! Thank god for fellow snow lunatics
  11. Do you think it will reach us though ? 50/50 at best !
  12. Hopefully 3 miles north in pelsall
  13. Very fine but persistent light snow falling last 5 mins can easilly see on windscreens wich had been cleared of snow occasional larger flakes can it ? Will it ? ....,,,
  14. West mids is the snow place to be these last 4 months
  15. Warmth in ground from previous 10 days or so ,