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  1. I just reviewed their tweets and they’ve tweeted the same thing 4 times today
  2. Just had thunder and lightening in my location. Accompanied with heavy rain and hail!
  3. Seems like things are becoming slightly more favourable for my location as the night goes on, which I hope, because its literally dissipating by a few miles!
  4. Netweather Radar subscription purchased! I may have just tempted fate.
  5. The 12z euro 4 for precip type doesn't look too bad for our region either.
  6. Those showers out towards the west of Liverpool look slightly interesting, following their current path it looks at least a small chance they are heading towards more parts of the midlands? Of course, whether they maintain any intensity is another question.
  7. GFS closer up for the same time frame, looks a little different. I think the majority of precipitation will be gone by the time the cold'er' air kicks in
  8. Steady snow falling, nothing spectacular but decent sized flakes nice bus journey from work after a pretty rubbish day!
  9. Noticed some light snizzle when I was out driving earlier..... looking at the radar, can see something developing over me, showers pepping up slightly...
  10. Got snow now, after sleet for a while..... this isn't going to last!
  11. Must say here, flakes are tiny and seems very wet...... intensity not matching radar thats for sure!
  12. Indeed, earlier showers were intensifying then dying out before they even reached shrewsbury..... hoping that they will be part of the feature running through and will continue to intensify! They seem to be getting a lot further inland than earlier anyway
  13. My thinking is that the East Midlands might do quite well, I myself am too far west. Possibility for precip to hit here, may start as snow but readily becoming rain/sleet I feel. Just a guess mind you!
  14. Nice to finally see more of a dusting, earlier snow falls were not settling as easy! Everything a lot whiter outside now here
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