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  1. I just reviewed their tweets and they’ve tweeted the same thing 4 times today
  2. Just had thunder and lightening in my location. Accompanied with heavy rain and hail!
  3. Seems like things are becoming slightly more favourable for my location as the night goes on, which I hope, because its literally dissipating by a few miles!
  4. Netweather Radar subscription purchased! I may have just tempted fate.
  5. The 12z euro 4 for precip type doesn't look too bad for our region either.
  6. Those showers out towards the west of Liverpool look slightly interesting, following their current path it looks at least a small chance they are heading towards more parts of the midlands? Of course, whether they maintain any intensity is another question.
  7. GFS closer up for the same time frame, looks a little different. I think the majority of precipitation will be gone by the time the cold'er' air kicks in
  8. Thanks both, really appreciate your input. I really hope being on the southern side will make a difference but I'm not completely enthusiastic. However anything will be better than the chilly miserable weather here
  9. We decided to book a weekend in Gran Canaria going 7th - 11th November Having looked at the forecast it seems that it was a bad time to go as all it will do is rain and there's not much chance of sunshine. Seems like Spain would have been a better option than the canaries :/
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