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  1. Heavy shower here in Swindon now, not sure if there's any thunder because the rain is so loud! Edit: Scratch that, just heard Thunder now as the cell is moving away.
  2. Just started bucketing it down in Swindon, no lightning or thunder though.
  3. View from Swindon looking south.
  4. My view over Swindon as of now. Settling readily and even got drifts of 3-4cm in places so far. Much bigger flakes and more level snow than last time.
  5. Moderate snow here in Swindon, but no big flakes like others are reporting. It's just like last night here with the blizzard like dust.
  6. When is it all meant to build and start moving north? Radar shows it moving WNW but the forecasts show a strong front going straight N as per the METO warning.
  7. True, I always took it to mean wet partially melted snow flakes.
  8. Got a weird mix here now of light drizzly rain with the odd normal snow flake mixed in. No sleet though?
  9. Just started drizzling here? Weather app says it's -2 degrees.
  10. Not seeing where that snow is coming from on the radar, no big bands of snow to the south other than some relatively organised showers that are moving WNW rather than N as the graphics show?
  11. Seems to be weakening south of us now, hope we get some more overnight as we've only had tiny flakes all night here, want some bigger ones to fall!
  12. Yup, I live on Crombey Street and am spending the evening watching people drive too fast and having crashes. Seen 5 bumps so far!
  13. Not sure, the showers seem to be dissipating as they get here. Had one overhead a minute ago that fizzled out right above us and now it's bright sunshine! But we'll see!
  14. Practically a blizzard in swindon! Very heavy shower. Got a cm now in less than 10-15mins.