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  1. Light snow here in Swindon, but still thawing so we’ve lost quite a bit of depth.
  2. I’m going to bath for the evening tonight and then back to Swindon tomorrow. Will be interesting if I see anything at all!
  3. My brother is in Helsinki at the moment and has reported a light covering of snow there (about 1-2cm).
  4. Was in west Swindon, loads about. Now in the town centre and whilst none are flying, the nests look like they're starting to become lively so will probably be this evening or tomorrow.
  5. Thanks for that, just looked outside and it's antmageddon out there. Not looking forward to leaving work now!
  6. Looks to me like it's fizzling out on it's western edge. A lot of intensity lost since it got past Liverpool!
  7. Interesting that it's snowing both North and South of here, but still rain in Swindon. Not even sleet as far as I can see.
  8. Can report lovely rain in Swindon. Had a few flakes earlier but now back to rain. looking at the radar it also looks like the system is rotating around us and then sinking south so no heavy precip for us. congrats those that have had some of the white stuff!
  9. Heavy mix of rain/sleet/snow here in Swindon - pepps up to snow in the heavier precip but soon calms down back to rain fairly quickly. Very much on-off!
  10. Just had a quick look outside at my lamp post and can confirm we have extremely light snow falling! Crazy since radar shows nothing over us now in Swindon.
  11. Radar says sleet at the moment here, a quick look out the window tells me it's definitely just rain.
  12. Looks like it's fizzling out just past Birmingham to me
  13. Model Output Discussion - 05/01/2016 18z onwards

    Does anyone have the model discussion threads from 2009/2010 archived? I remember it being exactly like this with lots of upgrades until 5 daysish before the start of the cold, then lots of downgrades, then lots of confusion and mentions of shannon entropy, and then lots of upgrades again just as the main event started. Would be interesting to compare then to now!
  14. B63 mate, go back half an hour and you should see the system passing just by me on the radar.