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  1. Same here just down the road from you
  2. Well no snow here yet but current Dew Point is -1.2c and Temp 1.9c. Wonder what this area will be like as we have a bit of height for this area. Chris
  3. How many would we expect to see tonight if the weather is good and away from the lights.
  4. Any chance of seeing anything tonight in the UK?
  5. When is best time to see these. I have noticed people say around midnight Chris
  6. Hi So does that mean we still have a chance of seeing something in the UK if it was clear outside Chris
  7. Spaceweather map is not showing much red like last night so i think its a No No tonight Chris
  8. Don't think we will see any tonight now does anyone else Chris
  9. Is this correct that there is another chance tonight of seeing these if conditions are correct. As reported on here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/7927771/Solar-eruptions-mean-Northern-Lights-could-be-seen-in-Britain.html
  10. I think thats as dark as it gets in Iceland at this time of year. Midnight Sun
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