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  1. nice sized snow coming down down now, unfortunately melting as soon as it hits the ground, but still nice to see
  2. Snow not melting here, bird table roof now covered, only taken 18hrs for that to happen ,might go wild and take a pic, but thinking wont waste my energy
  3. light snow here again !!!!!!!!,nope hold on a few going for a bit bigger than a flurry, cant handle this wild weather , if i get a cm im going to be happy, um going to leave it there, as sounds like im digging a deep hole for myself,, but still nice to see some white stuff, better than last year bloody cold though
  4. more like rain now, met office said light snow, from now, but im giving up, one last look out the back door, then calling it a day,
  5. if i had a cm blimey, think i would go into shock, i might just grab a tape measure,
  6. well after 5 hrs of small particles of snow flurries, coming down, think im heading for a mm, might have to get my ruler out to check though
  7. if i squint i can see the odd tiny white flake, its been like this the last few hrs, hopefully might get a bigger flake appear later
  8. no wintry flurries, very still and quiet here , no wind , not cold, just damp, very eerie actually . waiting for something lol
  9. Well another dull day with a throw in of drizzle,feels like i should be in my garden soon planting, more like spring than winter, just ordered some new jumpers , maybe send them back for rain macs, should know better by now , but winter isnt over yet, still could get a surprise, you never know, never say never as they say,
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