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  1. Hi Bryan, Had to dig up some corroborates of the WOW signal. I knew the region it came from but not right down to the pinpoint. Anyway, the WOW signal originated at RA 19h 23m 22s. Dec -27° 03" 20'. Epoch 1950.0 This puts it in the constellation Sagittarius just at the end of the 'tea pot handle'. Keplar will be looking at a larger region of the sky. They have it divided up into squares. More or less boarding RA 20h 00 00 to RA 18h 00 00, Dec +30° 00 to Dec +50° 00. This puts it to the left of Vega in the constellation Lyra and to the right of constellation Cygnus. So there is quite a di
  2. Certainly keeping my fingers crossed this gets up OK, and functions well for the time frame. It could well provide some accurate numbers to plug into the Drake Equation. We might actually get some kind of 'handle' on the numbers of earth like planets that orbit in the 'Goldie Locks' zone of their stars (suns). If all goes well this could provide to be quite interesting over the next several years.
  3. Yes, this should be very interesting over the next three years. Evidently it will be looking at 100,000 stars. It also has quite a sensitive CCD for measuring light levels of stars.
  4. Hi Debs, Theses thing can be quite unpredictable at times. I noticed the area here is quite right now. However, here is a link to NRC that has information specific to 'local' areas. Check here when you hear or suspect there may be aural activity. I find the site quite accurate. LOL, hope you guys on the other side of the Bay have clearer skies than over here. NRC Link..
  5. Went down to about -30°C here last night. There was very little wind thankfully. I lit a fire off in the wood stove as a little boost. Still looking like we may get out of this Arctic air early next week. I know one thing for certain, if for some reason or another I took the notion to move up North, this has certainly cured me of that affliction. Damn! that is cold.... The seagulls had to push start the crows to get them going this morning.....
  6. Just looked at the weather station here. Temp is -18.9°c. Thankfully the wind is light not playing windchill games. Looks like these temps are here at least until Monday, then a low moving in from the south west bring warmer temps at a cost of probably 20+cm snow. I guess I would rather have the snow than the -30°C windchill temps.
  7. Looking like the appearance of sunspot 1010. (LOL, binary spot number 10) today. Cloudy skies here (as usual), can not try for an observation or photo. Nothing more than a personal comment here. I think because of the appearance of magnetic reversals spots sometime ago, when this cycle (24) ramps up in a few years the cycle will be quite active. In fact I am saving my 'pocket change' now to purchase a H-alpha filter for the scope.
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