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  1. Finally flakes in Deal Kent very minimal but it's snow
  2. Temp rise in Deal Kent. Temp 1.1c But dew point holding -0.4 Whatever will be will be
  3. Nice sky, not sure How well it will show up.
  4. Deal Kent temp 0.7 dp -0.8
  5. Temp nose dived, 1.3c and -3.4c dew point. Deal Kent
  6. Corrrrrrr tad chilly Deal Kent
  7. Not bucketfuls but enough for my girls to have fun for half hour. Had to drive to next town in the country lanes to find a decent amount for them to play in. They're happy.
  8. Just come in from messing with the car and noticed some flakes blowing around in the wind
  9. Down to 4.5°c in tropical Deal. Been around 7 all day. Snow coming in close around us now so fingers crossed. My little girl cried earlier because i wouldnt pinky promise snow for tonight bless her. Anyhow its absolutely throwing it down temp just gone to 4.3 Is there any storms close? My lights keep flashing?
  10. ive been keeping an eye on them. hoping it has our name on it.
  11. wchris_uk

    Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    living in the tropics here, temp 4.4 dew point 3.5