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  1. I know the MJO has been predicted to enter phase 8 but it’s being overridden by something else which is throwing the nwp this winter. There has been no cohesion between output within 3 days let alone 6-10 days so for me it could flip, so until this coming week is over I will remain interested in the output.
  2. Snow now in Bynea nearly at sea level here so temps are starting to drop just need more intensity to the precip
  3. It’s painful just watching all that precious precip just getting wasted in the Bristol Channel it’s stalled by the look of it needs a good push north
  4. Just seen some snow fall I’m sure just seen a couple of tiny flakes blowing in the wind
  5. Yes some heavy stuff just behind the front but looking at it the front looks wide and shouldn’t loose to much intensity so fingers crossed
  6. It’s not far off Pembroke dock and further west it’s hitting Dublin nearly (scratches head)
  7. And still no amber warning for snow anywhere and looking at the icon accumulation charts ^^ above there should be a red warning for pretty much the heads of the valleys
  8. Met office forecast keeps changing all the time one minute it’s giving me 5 hours of snow now it’s showing 2 hours of sleet and the front seems to fragment and disapate over us in the blink of an eye where as the bbc show 8 hours of snow it’s crazy how this is going down to the wire
  9. Indeed it is Steve it’s looking more and more like the front might stall and pivot somewhere around Worcester just hope the PPN remains heavy and even us coastal dwellers may get lucky with a cm or 2
  10. Looking at the ecm just rolling out the front may not make it over the beacons could be a cardiff Bridgend Swansea Llanelli Newport and heads of the valleys job now lol Edit and all the places in between along the M4 corridor
  11. Looks like a trigger low to me there’s still life in this cold hunt yet
  12. A rash of sleet and snow showers beginning to move in from the Irish Sea now anywhere could get one by the looks of it as temps begin dropping behind the front
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