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  1. Il be getting some nice tail winds coming back from Bulgaria after my skiing break on 14th Feb il promise to bring some snow back with me but seriously if we can get the ecm to agree with the evolution the gfs and ukmo upto 144 I think we will be in the game for the coldest spell of the winter.
  2. I love this post simply because if the models start with wrong info then how can they be right in 6, 12, 18, 24 hrs .. and so on. It's such a conundrum when there is high pressure to our east and north models just can't get a handle on it unless its a zonal Atlantic train. Just subtle changes in an hour from now could put the whole days model suites completely out. And the post by Bring Back 1962-63 just goes to show exactly that imo. Great post
  3. This has got January 2013 written all over it in that the trough will have nowhere to go but under and a snow event will take place over southern Britain. The models can't work it out this far out so they revert to climatology and try to force the block away to easily. But could the Atlantic win? It's knife edge stuff but intriguing never the less.
  4. Gona stick my neck out and say we will have snow towards the back end of next week with a trough disrupting similar to 2013. The models are starting to toy with the idea before climatology kicks in a bit latter on but they often do because of where we are. The block out east is not going anywhere trust me
  5. just a few more westward corrections and game on here I think, can't help but feel this is so similar to the event of few years ago where the Atlantic just folded into Iberia after being shown to bulldoze through the uk just a few days before keep those corrections west coming.....
  6. there's got to be a lot of entropy going into next weekend as the models seem to be struggling with where to position the uk high, will it drift se again and give us the euro high we've had most of this winter so far, or will it position more nw of us allowing another northerly outbreak, or will it stay over us? The jury is out and I think it won't be clearer until Monday next week.
  7. Heavy sleety rain here now after snow shower earlier think the milder sector is over us now
  8. Try this one;sess=
  9. A line of showers just coming into cardigan now on its way
  10. Some showers just clearing Carmarthen now heading towards swansea
  11. The precip is starting to pivot and head se now fizzling out as it goes colder air starting to tuck in now behind temp here has dropped from 4.5 an hour ago down to 3.0 now. Let's hope the showers that follow are of a more wintery flavour to them
  12. Sweet spots look like Aberystwyth in a line through to swansea (imby hopefully) even a dusting will do I'm not greedy when it's been nearly 5 years since I seen a flake here
  13. Could be a dangler setting up and if the convection off the Irish Sea gets going could get some decent cumulonimbus clouds and dare I say it, thunder snow a possibility.
  14. A 995 Mb low in the med to prop it up too that's not a sinker that's for sure bank that chart
  15. That's today's warning area that applies to