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  1. 909mb? Surely that was a bit of an exaggeration. This article reckons it was between 912 and 915 at the lowest. Error - Cookies Turned Off RMETS.ONLINELIBRARY.WILEY.COM
  2. I live quite near Basingstoke and we have done very well in this area over the past 12 years or so. After a long fairly snowless drought in the 1990s and 2000s we got very late and early snowfalls in 2008 (April and October), then we got a couple of decent falls just before Christmas 2009, then that mammoth fall in January 2010. Nov/Dec 2010 were a bit of a letdown compared to what much of the rest of the country got, but we also got a decent amount in March 2013, and again from the 2018 BTFE parts 1 and 2. Then on Feb 1st we got about 12cm of heavy wet snow here but over in Basingstoke it was closer to 15-20cm, a proper winter wonderland. And then three weeks later I was sitting in a pub garden having lunch in a T-shirt. What a crazy month Feb 2019 was!
  3. Someone posted a pic of the weather station as it is today on TWO. Lots of bare earth nearby. Personally I think we should call it a tie with 2003 on 38.1C and bin Gravesend and Brogdale! And not just because I chose 38.1C in the comp....
  4. Well there is an official manual site called Cambridge Botanic Gardens on the Met Office station list, so unless there are two weather stations there it looks like it is. It also has the Met Office logo on the station details tab, like Brogdale does. Brogdale is also showing the 38.4C on that site: https://wow.metoffice.gov.uk/observations/details/201907263foef47xtye6ucrdyyb96sccar
  5. Maybe a late plot twist:the manual Cambridge Botanic Gardens site appears to be showing a max of 38.7C. https://wow.metoffice.gov.uk/observations/details/?site_id=27484233
  6. Surprised that yesterday didn't rank higher. The extent of the 35C+ temperatures across the country was amazing.
  7. I did flag up this possibility yesterday, as the manual station was right in the prime spot.
  8. Northolt reading came in ages ago, max was 37.6C. As for Brogdale, word is that it's still to be checked. There was a rumour that it was 38.4C but I think that was a myth!
  9. On 10 Aug 2003 there was a cold front coming down from the northwest. There were severe storms in northern parts, Carlton-in-Cleveland rings a bell I think. The SE was the last part of the country to hang on to the heat.
  10. Looks like I might have been stitched up by Brogdale and its dodgy hedge!
  11. It's not really a coincidence - the hottest air is always going to be the most unstable, and we had 23-24C 850s coming up from the south, which of course triggered convective cloud. I think cloud will usually be the limiting factor in such a set-up.
  12. Cambridge has two official sites: the NIAB automated site (which I believe is the one that took the July record today) and the Botanic Gardens manual site (which presumably reports at the end of the day?)
  13. Conspiracy theorists might like to note that the Bedford weather station was running dead level with Cambridge at 1pm (35.5C) and then mysteriously stopped reporting for the rest of the day. A potential record missed out on?
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