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  1. Well it was not as foggy as yesterday morning here this morning with only some mist patches around, and it soon cleared to leave another glorious day with wall to wall sunshine, temp reached 14.1°C 1.9°C warmer than yesterday!
  2. After a foggy start with a min of -1.1°C, the fog soon lifted and it turned into a genuine spring like day with it feeling pleasant out in the sun with the max temp at 12.2°C feels odd how mild it is for mid February not unheard of though!
  3. A bright day and feeling very mild, almost spring like when the sun came out! Max 10.6°c Currently 8.3°c
  4. All the snow has gone now after torrential rain this morning and a very mild day after a 11.3°c max, was almost spring like in the sun this afternoon, quite the contrast to the weekend! Cooling down quite a bit now this evening with clear skies and currently 4.4°c.
  5. And so the hunt for the next cold spell is officially on! Still a good 5-6 weeks left of cold hunting to go, and I got a feeling we might see something else turn up around months end but for now looks like a mild unsettled week to come. currently 4.3°c, dew point 2.9°c 1020.8mb, rain 3.0mm from snow melt!
  6. Warming up quickly here 2.1°c now, just looking at the models Tuesday could have temps up to 11°c!
  7. https://www.wunderground.com/ By search there is a little icon click that and it will find closest station but if you scroll down to the bottom of the page there are more stations that are local!
  8. Rest of the week looking much milder, so a rapid thaw will be underway once the temp climbs above freezing today!
  9. -6.1°c, got a feeling tonight will be the coldest night of the winter! It's got to beat -7.9°c from last night!
  10. Lightest winds of the night are expected around 6am there is a chance I could reach -10 last night unless things cloud over, it dropped from -3.6c to -6.1c in only 60 mins, i know how quickly the temp can drop!
  11. Just in case! We hit the magic -10 it was -7.9 last night so it’s possible!
  12. Well it snowed, a lot and now i'm more than happy to see a early start to some spring warmth its why I love every season, although I wont say no to more snow if it comes to it! 😄 snow is melting quite quickly now as it is 4.4°c!