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  1. Well that front has hardly moved all day, with sign of it pepping up into the early hours.
  2. I'd much rather have a wet winter than a dry anticyclonic one where we just get dull skies all winter!

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    2. Dami


      winter is about dull and cosy. 

    3. Daniel*


      Anticyclonic weather often brings nice sunny spells and frosty weather think you need to revisit..

    4. TomW


      As I said above I don't mind sunny and and frosty weather but anticyclonic weather doesn't always bring sunny, frosty weather in winter.

  3. I take longer range models very seriously in fact iv'e already written off this winter and seeing how warm its going to be i'm going to have a BBQ this Christmas!
  4. Bartlett High this winter would be fantastic get those BBQ's out this Xmas! Something like this above would do nicely!
  5. Down to 2.1 last night! Wind is picking up now as the remains of Hurricane Lorenzo moves in.
  6. The eye is beginning to fill in now with further weakening down to 120 mph sustained, category 3
  7. ECM has the storm going straight through the spine of Florida!
  8. It got quite chilly overnight with a minimum of 6.5°C Warmed up quite a bit now but still nowhere near as warm as recent days! 17.6°C
  9. 06z has tracked it a tad further south! Orlando looks to be a direct hit according to this but as with ever with hurricanes the track can shift significantly!
  10. I have several sensors located in a Stevenson screen which are all within 0.5 of each other and its always lower than even the vantage pro 2's around here its more about the level of UV protection rather than price in my opinion.
  11. Clear and Calm, with the temp dropping off quite quickly here in the countryside! 17.2°C Minimum............ 13.7°C Maximum........... 23.7°C
  12. Today is very much like yesterday here, it started off cloudy but has brightened up again during the afternoon with some sunny spells, although some big cumulus clouds around! 23.1°C
  13. Evening. The day started off quite cloudy, but by midday the cloud started to break up and sunny spells took over for the afternoon. 19.1°C Maximum......... 22.7°C Minimum.......... 9.7°C
  14. Started off cloudy but its brighter now with the sun starting to come out.Min last night 9.4°C, currently 20.6°C
  15. Lovely evening here and feeling very comfortable out. 6pm BST Temperature: 20.0°C Humidity: 70% Dew Point: 14.4°C Wet Bulb: 16.5°C
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