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  1. I'd much rather have a wet winter than a dry anticyclonic one where we just get dull skies all winter!

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    2. Dami


      winter is about dull and cosy. 

    3. Daniel*


      Anticyclonic weather often brings nice sunny spells and frosty weather think you need to revisit..

    4. TomW


      As I said above I don't mind sunny and and frosty weather but anticyclonic weather doesn't always bring sunny, frosty weather in winter.

  2. I thought the change in the pictures was a glitch at first I guess not haha!

  3. just had a earthquake in bristol!!

    1. lassie23
    2. TomW


      my empty water bottle fell on the floor was terrible 

    3. lassie23
  4. Is it normal to put Christmas decorations up in early November because to me they shouldn't go up until the 1st? 

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    2. Dami


      It's cos I hurt my back years ago and hubs has issues with his knee.

    3. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Sorry to hear that dam x

    4. lassie23


      1st december here, get the queen mum to switch them on for us:cc_confused:

  5. RIP Ian McCaskill, true icon!

  6. Don't see what the fuss is about this weekend looks lovely to me :)

    1. Spikecollie


      Let's wait and see...

  7. GET IN LEICESTER!! Great achievement!

  8. Weekends aren't long enough :nonono:

    1. William Grimsley

      William Grimsley

      Moan, moan, moan. Stop moaning!

    2. TomW


      Not moaning haha when you work weekend just fly by to quickly.

    3. Daniel*


      So very true you're the moaner William you've had 2 weeks off? :nonono:

  9. Having a great week at centre parcs and even better having free wifi so I can keep track of the charts :)

    1. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      Hello from 2 miles away! Assuming you're at the Longleat one lol.

    2. TomW


      yeah we come here every year I love it here

  10. Happy New Year everyone :)

    1. Daniel*


      Less than 2 hours to go! Happy New Year to you! :) 

  11. Just downloaded Windows 10 so far so good.

    1. Stormyking
    2. pip22


      how does it take?

  12. Just when you thought the weather was looking nice on your week off it suddenly goes against you.

    1. lassie23


      Tomorrow is looking rough!

  13. Merry Christmas everyone!

  14. Charts starting to look good at the moment hope the trend continues :)

  15. Lovely day today with wall to wall sunshine and now a perfect evening with the hot air balloons coming over the house :) top temp today 22.7°c

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    2. Bottesford


      Exactly my thoughts! Time to get Fresh Prince - Summertime out to fight the darkness!

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      class! fresh prince of bel air

    4. Mark Neal.
  16. Another beautiful start to the day, with another day of sunshine and warm tempertures forecast

  17. A tad more cloud today but still another beautiful day :) warmth may last until the end of saturday in the south

  18. Beautiful morning here :) hope it stays this way all day

    1. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Same here- I'm not against a bit of patchy cumulus but could do without the stratocumulus mass of yesterday afternoon! May as well make the most of the beautiful morning in Norwich while it lasts.

  19. Its warm :) may be cloudy but certainly warm, tomorrow looks sunny anyway

  20. Dull day here today at least we have had some nice weather over the last few days.

  21. Lovely day here in bristol feeling like spring :)

  22. Netweather should start a tv forecasting company :)

  23. Wow its cold today and also dull only 10°C

  24. Im going now bye

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