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  1. 27.2°C much sunnier than yesterday with just some high level cloud around making the sunshine a bit hazy.
  2. Quite a heavy shower just passed through really was not expecting this today! 24C
  3. Only managed 26.7C here already beginning to drop down to 25.1C, there appears to be more elevated showers around than I was expecting today, just shows how that effects temperatures locally today!
  4. Beautiful summers day with just some cirrus and cirrostratus cloud to are E. 24.1°C
  5. 24.2 here with a humidity of 67%! The sooner the fresher air arrives the better!
  6. Got down to 18.4C but its rising and back up to 19.6C, not going to be a easy night for sleeping when its still 26.4C in the bedroom!
  7. 30.0°C maximum here, currently 28.7°C with the humidity at the lowest its been all day at 41%, feeling quite nice out in the garden this evening!
  8. I'd still take the UKV though wouldn't be to much of a drive east along the M4!
  9. 29.2 its just struggling to get much higher here but impressive for sure maybe tomorrow will be the day!
  10. 28.6 here going to be close to 30C with another few hours before its expected to peak!
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