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  1. Well after the cold start to the day its now very mild and has been climbing all day, as shown.
  2. Average, not bad then bring on the rain and gales!
  3. Its a cold evening with freezing fog and are current temp of -2.4°C is colder than last nights minimum which was -1.8°C
  4. Looks very stormy if this is correct, look how strong those winds are across Ireland!
  5. Winter's over see you all in September!

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    2. Dami


      Winter is so *yawn* but at least i get a thunderstorm in summer, more than snow events in winter.

    3. lassie23


      it's only 5th december, we have another 3 months of nothing to get through

    4. Dami


      jan, feb mar, april, may. ew

  6. It’s been a lovely day with plenty of sunshine but a bit more cloud arriving in the last hour, it’s going to be a cold one tonight if the cloud does clear in time for the evening! Currently 4.9C Min last night -0.3C Max today 5.7C
  7. Some quite heavy showers beginning to show up over the new forest area pushing north, almost looks like the sort of showers you would see during a plume event as Andy describes! Currently 9.7°C
  8. This afternoon improved a lot with sunny spells but there was still a shower around 2pm here, very mild day with a top temp of 13.9°C. Currently 10.6°C, 989.2mb, 4.8mm so far today
  9. Very mild, damp and dull just your typical weather at this time of year! 12.7°C, 990.8mb, 4.6mm since midnight
  10. Report before work, it’s dull with showers but feeling much milder than recent weeks. 12.1C, 90% RH, 999.9mb, 2.2mm since midnight.
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