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  1. The temperature should stay below 0°C through the layers of the atmosphere so its unlikely.
  2. Lovely Winter's day but couldn't help notice how low the humidity is today at 53%! with a temp of 2.1°C, dew p -6.5°C, its going to feel raw in that wind today!
  3. They have defiantly trended milder 100% but also notice on the one you sent how the red and blue line for 2M Temp are on the bottom end of the ENS whilst the one I posted was on the top end so maybe the ECM from this morning was breaking down the cold a little to quickly but we shall see where we are by this evening!
  4. The ensembles have not changed much for next week, but the high res has shifted to the less cold side of them overnight, this is for my location but the theme will be the same for are region.
  5. Your might be in luck later as the more heavier pulses reach your area!
  6. 3.4 here but its stopped rising now so hopefully will drop away soon!
  7. After a nice day and clear evening some cloud moving in now which is beginning to raise the temperature. Currently 2.3°C
  8. I noticed that also! Was going to check it before GFS 12z but its not updating.
  9. Just realised I posted in the wrong thread but enjoy anyway!
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