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  1. I'm happy with that nothing to moan about here happy that the north has joined in then we can all be happy right?
  2. And 240h is trying a 2010 style setup simply the best run I have ever seen
  3. Can someone explain how reliable the ICON model is as reading on here people keep mentioning it but as far as i'm aware I thought most people followed the GFS, ECM, UKMO and GEM?
  4. just had a earthquake in bristol!!

    1. lassie23
    2. tomjwlx


      my empty water bottle fell on the floor was terrible 

    3. lassie23
  5. You have all been rick rolled by the GFS 18Z!
  6. Pack away the violins people there not needed tonight
  7. And to top it off I have already had more snow this winter than the last 4 and we have not even had a proper cold spell yet just have a feeling this winter is going to do something different!
  8. Very nice ECM that was nothing to be negative about the initial stage in getting the block going is looking good just the detail which needs to be resolved
  9. Isn' it possible that ECM, GEM is over doing the blocking whilst GFS is being to progressive with the Atlantic there for we end up somewhere between. UKMO might be the model to follow from now until we see better agreement.
  10. heights are not as far north unless i'm blind! haha