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  1. Just like when back in May there we no warnings in the southeast yet London was a hotspot when originally storms were forecast further west so warnings are irrelevant in these scenarios.
  2. The surrounding areas of London have done outstanding all week for storm development!
  3. You mention the word fog my friend from the isle of wight just said its very foggy there!
  4. Now that the light is fading is anyone seeing lightning from those cells over wiltshire way!
  5. Its Saturday night all over again here rather disappointed yet again but good luck to those further north and east as storms finally becoming more organised!
  6. Looking at the radar things could get quite intresting here soon
  7. Its looking promising showers to are SE!
  8. Potential downpour very close to where I'm working in yate!
  9. I agree and also where is irrelevant as we found out on Saturday I have a feeling the London area will do better than forecast again just like the weekend!
  10. William Grimsley! I love storms I wish everyone storms this week!
  11. Well that was a nice hour of thunder and lightning that will do bit happier now!
  12. Lots of thunder here and torrential rain!