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  1. People signed off last time then look what happened! although i'm more than happy with what we have had would be great to see some spring warmth soon as clocks go forward next weekend
  2. This is just payback for all the years gone by told the SW is the worst place for snow well not anymore! haha
  3. Still hope work gets called off tomorrow I know that is wishful thinking haha!
  4. That area is moving in much sooner than forecast!
  5. so can someone explain how the snow is thawing even though the temp has been below 0C all day?
  6. Now listen here we are going to fall out i'm tired and have work tomorrow!
  7. 2 significant snow events in 2 weeks not bad at all! its chucking it down here!
  8. Id say so keep the faith! its starting to look a lot better now!
  9. The cotswolds are doing a grand job of stopping that heavier PPN getting past!
  10. It's going the way of the metoffice as it stands with the heavier PPN going around bristol to are south about 10 miles to are south right in line with that amber warning!
  11. Be patient it’s still early that warning isn’t valid until midnight watch things develop in a few hours