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  1. Yet I bet your here for the same reason as all of us! Its still a long way to go yet until spring and its already been a unique year of weather! I'm happy with the current charts some of the most memorable winters never got going until after Xmas not saying that is where we are heading but its also the reason why its far to early to write winter off!
  2. Some very strong winds for Bristol channel coasts later!
  3. I’m not really that worried about snow chances yet, the same rule applies for me every winter, get the cold in first and the snow chances will appear after, also surface conditions on the day could be more favourable than the uppers because the air will be off the continent and so the air will be drier which means lower dew points, I’ve had heavy snow down here when the uppers were above 0c because the dew points were still below 0, obviously that may not be the case on the day but it just goes to show it’s not always about how cold the uppers!
  4. I’ll have the red one please! In all seriousness though it’s still only the beginning of December and we are in a great position for some interest further down the line all positive from me!
  5. I fell asleep before the 18z so I have seen a massive improvement overnight
  6. Absolutely its still 216h away but apart from that its excellent!
  7. Unfortunately but hopefully we can get it to 0h! Oh well I can dream!
  8. I also remember all the models were showing a easterly all the way upto 72 hours only for one GFS run to suddenly show all the energy going over the high and sinking it into Europe then all the other models flipped in the same day can’t remember which year but it was one big letdown I’ll never forget
  9. 06z ensembles are a bit colder in the mid to longer range than the 00z so the trend is on are side still for now
  10. Huge spread towards end with the op going straight through the middle!
  11. Same deep down I miss the summer already but I also love snow so I'll always be on the lookout for colder weather!